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Fandango (company)

Fandango Media, LLC is an American ticketing company that sells movie tickets via their website as well as through their mobile app, as well as a provider of television and streaming media information, e.g. through its subsidiaries Flixster,, Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango was founded April 27, 2000, after which revenue increased for several years. However, as the Internet grew in popularity and medium-sized movie-theater chains began to offer independent ticket sale capabilities through their own websites. In addition, a new paradigm of moviegoers' printing their own tickets at home emerged, in services offered by PrintTixUSA and by point-of-sale software vendor operated websites like An overall slump in moviegoing continued into the 2000s, as home theaters, DVDs, high definition televisions proliferated in average households, turning their homes into a preferred place to screen films. On April 11, 2007, Comcast acquired Fandango, with plans to integrate it into a new entertainment website called "," set to launch the summer of 2007.

In June 2008, the domain was acquired from Disney. With Comcast's purchase of a majority stake in NBCUniversal in January 2011, Fandango and all other Comcast media assets were merged into the company. In March 2012, Fandango announced a partnership with Yahoo! Movies, making Fandango the official online and mobile ticketer for registered users of the Yahoo! service. That October, Paul Yanover was named President of Fandango. Fandango made its first international acquisition in September 2015 when it bought the Brazilian ticketing company Ingresso, which provides ticketing to a variety of Brazilian entertainment events, including the biannual Rock in Rio festival. On January 29, 2016, Fandango announced its acquisition of M-GO, a joint venture between Technicolor SA and DreamWorks Animation, which it would rebrand as "FandangoNOW". In February 2016, Fandango announced its acquisition of Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes from Time Warner's Warner Bros. Entertainment; as part of the deal, Warner Bros. would become a 30% shareholder of the combined Fandango company.

In December 2016, Fandango Media purchased Cinepapaya, a Peru-based website for purchasing movie tickets, for an undisclosed amount. That same month, Fandango moved to Fox Interactive Media's former headquarters in Beverly Hills. Fandango charges a premium, ranging from 75¢ to $2.50, to reserve a ticket to be printed out upon arrival at a movie theater, thereby avoiding lines. Seating was promised for sold-out shows, but this feature was discontinued for most theaters, as not all were equipped to handle reserved seating and will call lines. With ticket prices in many areas exceeding US$10.00, purchasing tickets through Fandango and other ticketing websites can make movie-going an expensive proposition. Fandango's advertisements play before previews at participating movie-theater chains and feature lunch bag puppets telling various one- or two-line jokes and riddles centering on the company's name; the company produced an advertising segment, based on the song, "We are the World". Fandango's website offers exclusive film clips, celebrity interviews, reviews by users, movie descriptions, some web-based games to Fandango members.

As of March 5, 2015, Fandango provides members the ability to refund or exchange their orders up to 2 hours before the showtime of their film. Fandango's Android app was listed among Techland's 50 Best Android Applications for 2013; until its acquisition of its rival in 2017, Fandango was one of three major online advance movie ticket sale sites, along with and Atom Tickets. Before being acquired by Comcast in April 2007, Fandango was owned. S. Regal and its partners founded Fandango to prevent the older from establishing a monopoly on phone and online ticketing services. The company's advertising agency chose the name "Fandango" because it sounded "fun and smart", "easily pronounce and remember--even though it has nothing to do with movies."Mergers of movie chains have complicated matters regarding which company provides online ticketing for a particular chain. Upon Regal's acquisition of Consolidated Theatres, that chain was under contract to

On the other hand, Regal's acquisition of the Hoyts chain resulted in Fandango's taking over the latter's online ticketing. Prior to 2012, Fandango did not provide online ticketing for many AMC Theatres. However, it provided online ticketing for AMC Theatres that were part of the Loews Cineplex Entertainment chain, due to contractual obligations in place prior to the 2005 merger of the two movie chains. Loews had attempted to break the contract in 2002 under pressure of bankruptcy and from AOL Moviefone and its partner, Loews' Cineplex subsidiary; as of February 8, 2012, Fandango began providing ticketing for all AMC Theatres in the US, after which's

Rocket Sneaker/One x Time

"Rocket Sneaker / One × Time" is Ai Otsuka's 17th single released under the avex trax label. It is her first single released in 2008, on May 21."Rocket Sneaker / One × Time" has been certified Gold by RIAJ for shipment of 100,000 copies. However, it is her lowest selling single. All tracks are written by Ai Otsuka. Rocket Sneaker is a piano-driven tune, reminiscent of rag-time music, it describes saying "thank you" to the Earth before going off it, but remembering that one is always "chikyuukko ". One × Time is a more mature love song, describing feelings of true love, it is lyrically confusing. Sora to Kujira is more of rock/pop song describing a whale; the Rocket Sneaker PV features Ai in stop-motion frames as the camera goes around a path of frozen figures of her doing everyday things. During the chorus, many of her begin to sing in unison. At the end of it, the last Ai starts to move around, revealing that the path is a loop, she starts to go around the path, as the other Ai's have vanished. Despite its status as an A-side song, One × Time doesn't have a video

My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade

My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade is a 2006 direct-to-video animated musical family fantasy film produced by SD Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment in association with Hasbro. The film is the second feature in the third incarnation of the My Little Pony series and the first film to promote the Crystal Princess line, it featured the debut of the Breezies and the 2006 re-design of Spike the dragon, who featured in the first My Little Pony series from the 1980s. The film received positive reviews from critics, became the first successful My Little Pony animation to date, before the debut of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, it has a strong following amongst "G3" collectors, has been positively received by many since its DVD debut in 2006. The DVD features two bonus episodes: A Charming Birthday, released on video in 2003 and Pinkie Pie and the Ladybug Jamboree; the film is notable for being the MLP animation, sent to Lauren Faust in the hopes of retooling the My Little Pony series.

The movie has been reissued in the 2-disc DVD collection My Little Pony: Classic Movie Collection, alongside The Runaway Rainbow, Dancing in the Clouds and Friends are Never Far Away. Alongside Crystal Princess: The Runaway Rainbow and Twinkle Wish Adventure, the film premiered on August 8, 2014 on the Hub Network after its "My Little Pony Mega Mare-athon". According to Broadway World, the "Mega Mare-athon" itself drew in 5.4 million viewers and has earned significant delivery growth on every demographic measured by Nielsen: Kids 2-11, Girls 2-11, Kids 6-11, Girls 6-11, Adults 18-49, Women 18-49, Adults 25-54, Women 25-54, Persons 2+ and Households. The Spring Promenade is nearly here, the ponies are preparing for it with the help of the Breezies, but a troublesome weed lands Wysteria and Pinkie Pie in a mysterious cave where Spike the dragon has been sleeping for a thousand years. He makes Wysteria a princess. "Breezie Blossom" "Friendship and Flowers" "Feelin' Good" "A Princess is in Town" "Everypony is a Princess" Wysteria Voiced by: Tabitha St. GermainWysteria is an earth pony with a purple body and a purple and pink mane and tail.

Her cutie mark is wisteria flowers. Wysteria is Ponyville's organizer of the Spring Promenade, she is shown to be a good gardener. She is shy. After awakening Spike from his 1000-year sleep by touching the flower, she became Princess Wysteria, The Princess of Ponyville, but despite being a princess, she feels sad being bound by the rules while watching her friends do all the hard work for the parade. After she convinced Spike to help her for the Spring Promenade and made it a success, she appointed all her friends as Princesses. Pinkie Pie Voiced by: Janyse JaudPinkie Pie is an earth pony with a pink body and a light pink mane and tail, her cutie mark is three balloons. Pinkie Pie is imaginative and fun-loving, sometimes taking the lead in some situations, she loves planning big parties and anything pink, referring to her name. Other than that, she likes to hang out with Minty, despite her being a klutz. Rainbow Dash Voiced by: Venus TerzoRainbow Dash is an earth pony with a sky blue body, orange and green mane and dark blue and pink tail.

She has a rainbow on the clouds as her cutie mark. Being the most mature of all the ponies, Rainbow Dash is stylish, caring, she herself sometimes cares about her friends more than her outside appearance, though she can freak out on some occasions. She speaks with a British accent and always adds the word "darling" into her speeches. Minty Voiced by: Tabitha St. GermainMinty is an earth pony with a mint green body and a pink mane and tail, her cutie mark is three swirled mint candies. Minty is described to be a green machine, she loves collecting socks, standing on her head and playing checkers with Sweetberry. She is a complete klutz, always tripping into some things without looking where she is going, or crashing to some obstacles and ending up breaking things. Minty has obsessive compulsive tendencies. Razaroo Voiced by: Jillian MichaelsRazaroo is an earth pony with a purple body and a blue, light pink and white mane and tail, her cutie mark is a yellow parcel tied with pink and white ribbons.

The main protagonist of A Charming Birthday, Razzaroo is Ponyville's resident party planner. She always plans everyone's birthday using her Birthday Book. In the special and her friends did a surprise party for Kimono. Kimono Voiced by: Kathleen BarrKimono is an earth pony with a pinkish-purple body and a dark purple mane and tail, her cutie mark is two yellow Japanese lanterns with flower designs. Kimono is the wise sage of Ponyville and the keeper of all pony legends and lore. Known to be knowledgeable, she is sought for advice by the ponies. Although she is born in Ponyville, she prefers to live in the outskirts of town. Sweetberry Voiced by Kathleen BarrSweetberry is an earth pony with a magenta body and a purple and white mane and tail, her cutie mark is a white flower. Sweetberry is the owner of the Sweetberry Sweet Shoppe and alongside Cotton Candy, works at the Cotton Candy Cafe, she likes to help each other out in and likes to make several sweet treats for her friends. She is sometimes busy but reliable.

Cotton Candy Voiced by Kelly SheridanCotton Candy is an earth pony with a pink body and a blue, light pink and white mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a cone of cotton candy, she is the owner of the Cotton Candy Cafe, where she serv

William Manning (British politician)

William Manning was a British merchant and Governor of the Bank of England. Manning was the son of Elizabeth Ryan. Manning's sister Martha married American Revolutionary War patriot John Laurens. Manning joined his father's firm, taking control after his father's death in 1791, he worked as a merchant in the West Indies, acting for Grenada. He was elected a Director of the Bank of England from 1792 to 1831 and its Governor between 1812 and 1814, having served as its Deputy Governor from 1810 to 1812, he invested in the Australian Agricultural Company, becoming its Deputy Governor in 1826, was president of the London Life Assurance from 1817 to 1830. He inherited Copped Hall, Hertfordshire, where his wife Mary Hunter re-designed the grounds with the advice of Humphry Repton, damming the Folly Brook to create the ornamental Darland's Lake. Between 1794 and 1830 he served continuously as a Member of Parliament in turn for Evesham and Penryn. After the death of Lord Frederick Campbell in 1816, he bought Combe Bank near Sevenoaks, Kent from Campbell's daughter.

However he got into financial difficulties in the 1820s and had to declare himself bankrupt in 1831. He was forced to resign from the Bank of England, sell his estates and move to a smaller property in Gower Street, London, he was buried at Sundridge, Kent. He had married twice. One son, Henry Manning, was ordained as an Anglican clergyman and became a leader of the Oxford Movement converting to Catholicism and becoming the Archbishop of Westminster in 1865; the Manning River in New South Wales, Australia was named in his honour. Leigh Rayment's Historical List of MPs Hansard 1803–2005: contributions in Parliament by William Manning

North Carolina Highway 27

North Carolina Highway 27 is a primary state highway in the U. S. state of North Carolina. The route traverses 198 miles through southern and central North Carolina, about 100 miles of it as a concurrency with NC 24. NC 27 begins in Cleveland County near the unincorporated community of Toluca at a T-intersection with NC 10. From there it runs southeast to the city of Lincolnton. In Lincolnton, it serves as Main Street, runs past the Lincoln County courthouse. From Lincolnton, it runs southeast again to Stanley, it enters Charlotte along Mount Holly Road, follows several major thoroughfares through Charlotte, including Freedom Drive, Morehead Street, Independence Boulevard. On the east side of Charlotte, it begins its 100-mile long concurrency with NC 24 1/2 of its total length; the two highways leave the city along Albemarle Road and remain joined until the unincorporated community of Johnsonville. Along this segment, they pass through the cities of Midland, Albemarle, Troy and Carthage, they share further concurrencies with NC 109, NC 22, US 15.

From the split with NC 24, the road runs northeast to Lillington where it follows Main Street, leaves town as a concurrency with US 421. It passes Campbell University in Buies Creek before entering Johnston County and ending in Benson just short of I-95. NC 50 continues east of NC 27's terminus at US 301. NC 27 was one of North Carolina's original 1922 state highways, its original routing connected Charlotte to Lincolnton. It used several streets through Charlotte, but followed the same route; the road was extended several times: 1923: east to Albemarle 1928: west to Toluca 1934: east to Carthage 1948-50: east to Cameron 1958: east to Benson NC 27 has had a tumultuous history through Charlotte. It has always served as a major east–west route through the city, but it has been rerouted numerous times on different city streets as traffic patterns changed. All of the following roads have carried NC 27 at one time or another: Rozelles Ferry Rd. Mount Holly Road Trade St. Hawthorne Lane Central Ave. Albemarle Rd. Mint St. Morehead St.

Thrift Rd. McDowell St. Independence Blvd. Freedom Dr. North Carolina Highway 27 Truck is a 6.0-mile route that takes truck traffic south around downtown Lincolnton, via West Highway 150 and NC 150. Signage along the route only appears at key intersections. North Carolina Highway 27A was established as a renumbering of NC 271. Starting at the former community of Thrift, it went south from Mount Holly Road, entering Charlotte along Tuckaseegee/Thrift Roads, it overlapped with US 29/US 74/NC 20 on Morehead Street and US 74 on McDowell Street, before reconnecting with mainline NC 27 at 7th Street. In 1936, NC 27A was replaced by mainline NC 27. North Carolina Highway 27A was established when mainline NC 27 was rerouted on a more direct route between Lake Tillery and Troy, in Montgomery County. NC 27A follows NC 73 east, through Pee Dee continues straight along Pee Dee Road, connecting with NC 109, in Wadeville. Going back north, it reconnected with NC 27 west from Troy. In 1967, NC 27A was decommissioned, with Pee Dee Road only section.

From Lake Tillery to Wadeville, NC 27A formed the southern edge of the Uwharrie National Forest. North Carolina Bicycle Route 5 - concurrent with NC 27 near Buies Creek North Carolina Bicycle Route 6 - concurrent with NC 27 from Lincolnton to NC 73 Media related to North Carolina Highway 27 at Wikimedia Commons N. C. 27 N. C. 27-A

Riggins Motel

The Riggins Motel, at 615 S. State Highway 95 in Riggins in Idaho County, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001, it has been known as Rowe Motel. The listing included a contributing object, it is a U-shaped motel complex consisting of two cottages and three multi-unit sections totaling 18 rooms. Its first cottage was built in 1946, a second was built in 1946, the remainder was built in 1947-50, in 1951-52, in 1952, they are one-story frame buildings on poured concrete foundations, which "reflect the Minimal Traditional style popular in the 1940s and 1950s." The complex was deemed notable as "The cottages and the motel units composing the Riggins Motel exemplify the combination and transition of early roadside hostelry from the cottage-camp phase to the motor-court phase of American roadside architecture. The buildings embody the characteristics and design typical of post-WWII motel architecture."