Fargo-Moorhead Toll Bridge

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Fargo-Moorhead Toll Bridge
Coordinates 46°53′23″N 96°46′28″W / 46.88972°N 96.77444°W / 46.88972; -96.77444Coordinates: 46°53′23″N 96°46′28″W / 46.88972°N 96.77444°W / 46.88972; -96.77444
Carries 2 lanes of ND 294 and pedestrian path
Crosses Red River
Locale Fargo, North Dakota
Moorhead, Minnesota
Opened 1988

The Fargo-Moorhead Toll Bridge is a former toll bridge located on the Red River of the North between Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota. It connected Moorhead's 15th Avenue N with Fargo's 12th Avenue N. The bridge is a terminus for the unsigned North Dakota Highway 294 (ND 294).

The bridge was to be privately operated until June 1, 2018, following a five-year extension of its original 25-year charter in 2013.[1][2]

In May 2014, The City of Moorhead sued Bridge Co., the owners of the bridge; and the city of Fargo. Judge Frank Racek ruled in favor of the city of Moorhead and that the ownership of the bridge would be transferred to the two cities.[3]

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