List of Toyota model codes

The following model codes have been used by Toyota. The letters of the model code is found by combining the letters of the engine code with the platform code. If the engine code and the platform code have two letters each, the middle letter is computed according to this formula: RN Platform 1968–1988 Toyota HiluxLN Platform 1981–2001 Toyota HiluxYN Platform 1983–1995 Toyota HiluxKZN Platform 2001 Toyota HiluxKDN Platform, 2002–2004 Toyota Hilux KDN165 "2KD-FTV" KDN166 "1KD-FTV"VZN Platform 1995–2000 Toyota Hilux Surf 1996–2001 Toyota Hilux SurfGRN Platform 2001–present Toyota Hilux Surf 2001–2009 Toyota Hilux SurfTRN Platform 2001–2009Toyota Hilux Surf 2001–2004/2007–2009 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2010–present Toyota Hilux SurfUZN Platform 2001–2008 Toyota Hilux Surf 2003–2008 Lexus GX470 2003–2007 Toyota Hilux Surf Baja RS Platform 1955–1983 Toyota CrownGS Platform 1978.5–1997 Toyota Crown 1991.5-1994 Toyota Crown Athlete G 1989.5-1998 Toyota ComfortMS Platform 1967–1988 Toyota Crown 1989.5–1998 Toyota ComfortGRS Platform 2003–present Toyota Crown Athlete 2003–present Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2006–2007 Lexus GS300 2007–present Lexus GS350JZS Platform 1991–2006 Toyota Aristo 1988.5–2004 Toyota Crown Athlete 1989–1999 Toyota Crown Royal 1993–2005 Lexus GS300UZS Platform 1989.5–1999, 2001–2012 Toyota Crown Majesta 1991.5–2006 Toyota Crown Royal 1991–2006 Toyota Aristo 4.0i/V40/iFour 1998–2000 Lexus GS400 2001–2008 Lexus GS430URS Platform 2008–2012 Toyota Crown Majesta 2008–2011 Lexus GS460GWS Platform 2009–present Toyota Crown Hybrid 2012–present Toyota Crown Majesta 2007–present Lexus GS450h Hybrid V10 Toyota Camry/Vista V20 Toyota Camry/Vista Lexus ES V30 Toyota Camry/Vista V40 Toyota Camry/Vista V50 Toyota Vista NGK Platform Toyota Etios Toyota Etios Liva Toyota Etios CrossNUK Platform Toyota Etios Toyota Etios Liva Toyota Etios Cross GGL 2009–present Lexus RX350GYL 2009–present Lexus RX450h GUN Platform 2014–present Toyota InnovaKUN Platform 2004–2014 Toyota InnovaTGN Platform 2004–present Toyota Innova AR10 Toyota Corolla Verso AR20 Toyota Verso SXA platform Toyota RAV4ALA platform 2008–2012 Toyota RAV4ACA platform 2006–present Toyota RAV4 2007–present Toyota VanguardGSA platform 2006–present Toyota Rav4 2008–present Toyota Vanguard UCF Platform 1989–2006 Toyota Celsior 1989–1994 Lexus LS400 1994–2000 Lexus LS400 2000–2006 Lexus LS430USF Platform 2006–present Lexus LS460 2008–present Lexus LS460 AWD 2006–present Lexus LS460L 2008–present Lexus LS460L AWD UVF Platform 2007–present Lexus LS600h 2007–present Lexus LS600hL JCG platform 1998–2007 Toyota Progrès 2001–2007 Toyota Brevis KCH platform 1995–present Toyota GranviaKLH platform 1995–present Toyota Granvia LXH platform 1995–present Toyota Granvia RCH platform 1995–present Toyota Granvia VCH platform 1995–present Toyota Granvia GSJ Platform 2006–2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser ACM platform 2001–present Toyota Ipsum SXM platform 1996–2001 Toyota Ipsum NCP Platform 1999–2005 Toyota Vitz 2005–2011 Toyota Vitz 2004–2006 Scion xB 2004–2006 Scion xANLP Platform 2002–2005 Toyota Vitz 2005–2011 Toyota Vitz ZSP Platform 2007–2014 Scion xD TCR Platform 1990–2000 Toyota Estima ACR Platform 2000–2006 Toyota Estima 2006–present Toyota Estima CLR Platform 2000–2006 Toyota Estima GSR Platform 2006–present Toyota Estima MCR Platform 2000–2006 Toyota Estima YXS 1995–present Toyota Comfort LXS 1995–present Toyota Comfort ACU Platform 2007–present Toyota Harrier 2002–2007 Toyota KlugerASU Platform 2007–2013 Toyota Highlander 2007–2013 Toyota KlugerGSU Platform 2003–2009 Toyota Harrier 2007–present Toyota Highlander 2006–2008 Lexus RX350 2007–2013 Toyota KlugerMCU Platform 2003–2005 Lexus RX330 2003–2005 Toyota Harrier 2002–2006 Toyota HighlanderMHU Platform 2004–present Toyota Kluger 2005–present Toyota Highlander 2005–2010 Toyota Harrier NHW 1997–2003 Toyota Prius 2003–2009 Toyota PriusZVW 2009–present Toyota Prius MCX MY1995–1999 Toyota Avalon MY2000–2004 Toyota AvalonGSX 2006–present MY2005–2012 Toyota Avalon EXY 1990–1996 Toyota Sera EXZ 1997–2003 Toyota RaumNCZ 2003–2011 Toyota Raum Toyota model codes


Coelacanthus is a genus of extinct coelacanths that first appeared during the Permian period. In fact, this was the first genus of coelacanths described, as the order Coelacanthiformes is named after it, they bear a superficial similarity to the living Latimeria, though they were smaller, had more elongated heads. Individuals grew up to 3 feet in length, had an elongate codavypter or supplementary tail lobe, had small lobed fins, suggesting that Coelacanthus were open-water predators. Coelacanthus is known from Late Permian and Early Triassic deposits in Europe and Canada, although the referred species C. welleri, known from Iowa, is of Late Devonian age. It survived the Permian–Triassic extinction event, one species, C. banffensis, is known from the Early Triassic. Coelacanthus minor was considered by Woodward as belonging to the Triassic genus Heptanema, while Martin and Wenz considered Coelacanthus lunzensis a possible synonym of Garnbergia. Coelacanthus banffensis Lambe, 1916 Coelacanthus gracilis Agassiz, 1844 Coelacanthus granulatus Agassiz, 1836 Coelacanthus welleri Eastman, 1908 Mikko's Phylogeny Archive on Coelacanthiformes