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Romeinse wachttoren fort vechten netherlands.jpg
Reconstruction of a watch tower near Fectio
Fectio is located in Netherlands
Shown within Netherlands
LocationUtrecht, Netherlands
RegionGermania Inferior
Coordinates52°3′23″N 5°9′54″E / 52.05639°N 5.16500°E / 52.05639; 5.16500Coordinates: 52°3′23″N 5°9′54″E / 52.05639°N 5.16500°E / 52.05639; 5.16500

Fectio, known as Vechten in Old Dutch, was a Roman castellum in the province Germania Inferior established in the year 4 or 5 AD. It was located at the place where the river Vecht (Fectio) branched off from the Rhine, leading to Lake Flevo, which was later to become the Zuiderzee; this was near the modern hamlet of Vechten in the municipality Bunnik, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Under emperor Claudius, Fectio became part of the Limes Germanicus;[1] the archeological site contains the remains of a fort, port, cemetery, and a civilian settlement. In 1995, it was submitted to be a World Heritage Site and is currently on the tentative list.[2]


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