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Fecundity is defined in two ways. A lack of fertility is infertility. Human demography considers only human fecundity, at its culturally differing rates, while population biology studies all organisms; the term fecundity in population biology is used to describe the rate of offspring production after one time step. In this sense, fecundity may include both birth rates and survival of young to that time step. While levels of fecundity vary geographically, it is a consistent feature of each culture. Fecundation is another term for fertilization. Superfecundity or retrofecundity refers to an organism's ability to store another organism's sperm and fertilize its own eggs from that store after a period of time making it appear as though fertilization occurred without sperm. Fecundity is important and well studied in the field of population ecology, though it is studied from a neutral perspective. Fecundity can increase or decrease in a population according to current conditions and certain social factors.

For instance, in times of hardship for a population, such as a lack of food or high temperatures and adult fecundity has been shown to decrease. Additionally, social trends and societal norms may influence fecundity, though this influence tends to be temporary. Indeed, it is considered impossible to cease reproduction based on social factors, fecundity tends to rise after a brief decline. Fecundity has been shown to increase in ungulates with relation to warmer weather. In sexual evolutionary biology in sexual selection, fecundity is contrasted to reproductivity. In obstetrics and gynecology, fecundability is the probability of being pregnant in a single menstrual cycle, fecundity is the probability of achieving a live birth within a single cycle. Fecundity selection Birth rate Natalism Population ecology Biological life cycle

Dubai Desert Classic

The Omega Dubai Desert Classic is a European Tour golf tournament held on Majlis course at Emirates Golf Club in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 1999 and 2000 it was held at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, all other editions have been held at Emirates Golf Club; when founded in 1989, it was the first European Tour event to be staged in the Arabian Peninsula, but is one of six. The tournament is part of a wider strategy, via a government program called "Dubai Golf", to develop both professional and casual golf tourism in Dubai, it has had one of the strongest fields on the European Tour due to "promotional" money paid to top golfers. The 1995 edition is notable for being the first live event broadcast on the Golf Channel, an American pay-television network. Official website Coverage on European Tour's official site Dubai Golf History

Mutia, Africa

Mutia was an Ancient city and former bishopric in Roman Africa and remains a Latin Catholic titular see. Mutia was located at present Henchir-El-Gheria, Henchir-Furna, in the Sahel zone of modern Tunisia, it was among the towns in the Roman province of Byzacena important enough to become a suffragan diocese in the papal sway, yet destined to fade. Its only documented bishop was Latinus, participant at the Council of Cabarsussi, called in 393 by the dissident Maximianist sect of the Donatist heresy, confirmed the synodal acts, with thanks to Saint Augustine; the diocese was nominally restored in 1933 as Latin Titular bishopric of Mutia / Muzia / Mutien. It has had the following incumbents, so far of the fitting Episcopal rank: José Guerra Campos as Auxiliary Bishop of Archdiocese of Madrid, Secretary General of Episcopal Conference of Spain. Today, Muzia survives as a titular bishop's residence.

National Association of Negro Musicians

The National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc. is one of the oldest organizations in the United States dedicated to the preservation and advocacy of all genres of the music of African-Americans. NANM had its beginning on May 3, 1919 in Washington, D. C. at a temporary initial conference of “Negro” musicians under the leadership of Henry Grant and Nora Holt. In concert with the Chicago Music Association, its first national convention was held in Chicago, Illinois in the same year; the organization is dedicated to encouraging an inclusive musical culture throughout the country. Within NANM, members lend their support and influence—educators and professional musicians share their musical knowledge and enthusiasts grow in their musical enjoyment, people of all ages come together to share and participate in the musical experience. Since its inception, NANM has provided encouragement and support to thousands of African American musicians, many of whom have become respected figures in music and have contributed to American culture and music history.

The organization has awarded scholarships to scores of talented young musicians throughout the country, including such luminaries as Marian Anderson, William L. Dawson, Florence Price, Margaret Bonds, Warren George Wilson, James Frazier, Julia Perry, Grace Bumbry, Leon Bates, Joseph Joubert, Awadagin Pratt, many others. Over the years, many international personalities have been presented in performance, including Lena Horne, Todd Duncan, John W. Work, R. Nathaniel Dett, Marian Anderson, Edward Boatner, Camille Nickerson, Clarence Cameron White, Margaret Bonds, Florence B. Price, Etta Moten, Betty Allen, Natalie Hinderas, Adele Addison, Kermit Moore, Simon Estes, George Shirley, Robert McFerrin, Shirley Verrett, Jessye Norman, Carl Rossini Diton, Sanford Allen, Derek Lee Ragin, the Uptown String Quartet, Esther Hinds, Ruby Hinds, Wilhelmenia Fernandez, the Hinds Sisters, William Warfield, Benjamin Matthews, the Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers, Harolyn Blackwell, Billy Taylor and Romain, Greg Hopkins, Martina Arroyo, Nina Simone.

Clinicians and lecturers of note include Carl Diton, Warner Lawson, Frederick Hall, Kemper Harreld, Wendell Whalum, Eileen Southern, Doris Evans McGinty, Alain Locke, Grace Bumbry, Sylvia Olden Lee, James Cleveland, Raoul Abdul, Matthew Kennedy, Geneva Handy Southall, Sowah Mensah, Willis Patterson, Roland Carter, Brazeal Dennard, Robert Harris, Shirley Verrett. There are several regional chapters of the national organization. NANM hosts a national convention annually in various cities. NANM promotes and supports all genres of music created or performed by African-Americans; the promotion of the music and the development of knowledge and appreciation of music composed by all persons, but those of African descent. The establishment of a library where Afro-American historical information concerning composers and musicians who have contributed to the cultural and fine arts of Black people can be gathered for compilation and publication. To afford a central location for the gathering and/or purchase of library collections of sheet music and original documents from which out-of-print works may be compiled for historic use.

To establish a scholarship and grant on national and local levels to assist talented youth in the field of musical and/or cultural arts in education. To foster a broader understanding of the contributions of persons of African descent in all fields of music and in the cultural arts. Official website

Shaped by Fire

Shaped by Fire is the seventh studio album by American metalcore band As I Lay Dying. It was released on September 2019, through Nuclear Blast; the album was produced by the band themselves and is the follow-up to the group's sixth album, Awakened. It is the first album in seven years after the band went on hiatus in 2014 when Tim Lambesis was incarcerated and sentenced to six years in prison for soliciting the murder of his estranged wife. After Lambesis was released from prison on probation in December 2016, he began reaching out to the other members of the band looking to apologize in person starting with Mancino and Gilbert. After that he attempted to reconnect with Sgrosso and Hipa and all four of them forgave him. On June 8, 2018, the band released the music video for "My Own Grave". On April 12, 2019, the band released a music video for "Redefined", including a guest appearance by August Burns Red frontman Jake Luhrs. Two days the band announced the "Shaped by Fire" tour of Europe with support from Chelsea Grin and Fit for a King running from September 2019 and concluding in October.

On July 15, the band announced the North American dates of the "Shaped by Fire" Tour with direct support from After the Burial and Emmure to begin on November 15 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas and conclude on December 14 with a hometown show at the Soma San Diego. Details of the album, Shaped by Fire, were leaked through Nuclear Blast's European website with a projected release date. On August 9, the band announced their album, Shaped by Fire, would be released through Nuclear Blast Records, along with releasing the album's title track. On September 13, the band released "Blinded" as the album's fourth single along with an accompanying music video. Credits retrieved from AllMusic

The Little Peasant

"The Little Peasant" is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm in Grimm's Fairy Tales, number 61. It is Aarne-Thompson type 1535, The Rich Peasant and the Poor Peasant, includes an episode of type 1737, Trading Places with the Trickster in a Sack. Other types of this type include the Norwegian Big Peter and Little Peter from Norske Folkeeventyr collected by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe and Little Claus and Big Claus by Hans Christian Andersen. A poor peasant and his wife did not have a cow, they brought it to the pasture. When the cowherd returned without it, they found it had been stolen and took him to court for his carelessness, the judge made him give them a cow, they had nothing to feed it and so had to kill it. The peasant took the hide to town to sell, he wrapped it in the hide. Weather grew bad and he took shelter in a mill, where the miller's wife gave him some bread and cheese; the parson arrived, because her husband was away, he and the wife had a feast. Her husband returned, the wife hid the parson and the food.

The peasant made the raven croak. He told the miller where the food was hidden, after they had eaten, that the Devil was in the parson's hiding place; the parson fled, the miller gave the peasant 300 thalers. Being rich now, he was brought before the mayor to ask, they could not get much for them. They sentenced him to be rolled into the river in a barrel filled with holes. A shepherd came along, the peasant declared that he would not do it, explained that they were trying to force him to be mayor; the shepherd changed places with him, the peasant took his sheep, they drowned the shepherd. Seeing him with the sheep they asked where he had gotten them, he said they were in the river. Everyone jumped into the river and drowned, the peasant was their sole heir and rich. Anne Sexton wrote an adaptation as a poem called "The Little Peasant" in her collection Transformations, a book in which she re-envisions sixteen of the Grimm's Fairy tales