Fedaian Organisation (Minority)

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Fedaian Organisation (Minority)
LeaderAkbar Kāmyābi[1]
FoundedMarch 1987[2]
Preceded byOrganization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas (Minority)
National affiliationUnion of People's Fedaian of Iran

Fedaian Organisation or Organization of Fadaiyan (Minority) (Persian: سازمان فدائیان (اقليت)‎, translit. Sāzmān-e Fadāʾiān (aqallīyat)) is an Iranian exiled Marxist-Leninist organisation.[1] A small remainder faction of the disintegrated Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas (Minority) led by Akbar Kāmyābi, the group is now based in Europe. They co-founded Union of People's Fedaian of Iran in 1994.[2]

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