Ferdinand van Apshoven the Younger

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Ferdinand van Apshoven, 'the younger,' son of the painter of the same name, and brother of the more celebrated Thomas, was baptized in 1630. He was a pupil of Teniers the younger, and in 1657-58 he was admitted to the Antwerp Guild as a master's son. In 1664 he took the oath as Captain in the 13th Division of the 'Civic guard.' In 1678-79 he was offered, but declined to accept, the office of Dean to the Guild. In 1694 he died, and was buried in the church of St. Walburg, in Antwerp. Ferdinand van Apshoven's pictures, like those of his brother, closely resemble the style of Teniers, under whose name many of them have passed. An Interior, with two figures — almost equal to a Teniers — is in the Rotterdam Museum; another Chamber, with three figures, is in the Museum at Dunkirk; and a third, 'Peasants in a Tavern,' is in the possession of M. van Lerius, of Antwerp.