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The Fighting Cock Society (Persian: انجمن هنری خروس جنگی) was a progressive body devoted to the promotion of modern arts, including painting, drama, music, poetry and literature, established in 1949 by Jalil Ziapour alongside other avant-garde poets and artists. Other founding members of the Association were Gholamhossein Gharib Gorgani (literature), Hassan Shirvani (theater) and Morteza Hannaneh (music).[1] The society published a magazine with the same title. The headquarters of the society was Ziapour's studio on Takht-e-Jamshid Street. He declared the society's purpose to be "a fight against the unrealistic traditionalism of the time" and chose a verse by Farrukhi Sistani as the motto of the society:[2] "The story of Alexander is old and turned into a myth/ Bring a new word, for there is another sweetness to the new".

This was the first Surrealist society in Iran.[3]


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