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Filmbyen (English: Film City) is a film studio complex located in Hvidovre just outside Copenhagen, Denmark.[1]

Filmbyen is a former military base. It houses many film-related companies. Many films and TV-series have been shot there.[2]

It was founded by Lars von Trier and Peter Aalbæk Jensen's company Zentropa in 1997 and is still owned and run by Zentropa.[3]

The story of Filmbyen, its people and companies is told in Thomas Vilhelm's book Filmbyen (Ekstra Bladets Forlag, 2007),[4][5] and in the documentary Filmbyen, la nouvelle Mecque du cinéma? (Filmbyen, the new Mecca of cinema?) directed by Pablo Tréhin-Marçot (France, 2007).[6]

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