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Firefox Focus
Firefox Focus Logo, 2017.svg
Developer(s) Mozilla Foundation
Mozilla Corporation
Initial release November 17, 2016; 17 months ago (2016-11-17)[1]
Development status Active
Type Mobile browser
License MPL

Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browser from Mozilla, available for the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch mobile devices and Android smartphones and tablets.[2] It is also known as Firefox Klar in German-speaking context[3] in order to avoid the ambiguity with the German news magazine FOCUS.[4] On Android, it uses Blink engine, unlike Firefox for Android, which uses the same Gecko engine as its desktop version.

Tracking protection[edit]

Firefox Focus is designed to block online trackers, including third-party advertising, with the end goal of both improving browsing speed and protecting users' privacy. Content blocking is achieved using the Disconnect block lists,[5] which are also used in Firefox on desktop systems for the Tracking Protection feature.[6]

Firefox Focus contains software telemetry enabled by default which sends information on usage parameters back to Mozilla's servers; Firefox Klar has this telemetry disabled by default.[7]

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