Firemen's Tower (Satu Mare)

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Turnul Pompierilor
Satu Mare Firemans Tower 1.JPG
General information
Status Complete
Location Satu Mare, Romania
Coordinates 44°23′55″N 26°08′37″E / 44.39862°N 26.14354°E / 44.39862; 26.14354Coordinates: 44°23′55″N 26°08′37″E / 44.39862°N 26.14354°E / 44.39862; 26.14354
Opening 1904
Roof 47 m (154 ft)

Firemen's Tower (Romanian: Turnul Pompierilor, Hungarian: Tűzoltótorony) is a 47 m[1] high tower in Satu Mare, Romania built in 1904 at the recommendation of bishop Gyula Meszlényi. The architect of the tower was Ferencz Dittler and the builder Lajos Vajnay.

The tower was used, because of its height, as a fire spotter by the firemen. Today the tower is a tourist attraction visited by around 100 visitors per day.


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