First cabinet of Adolphe Thiers

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First cabinet of Adolphe Thiers
Royal Standard of Louis-Philippe I of France (1830–1848).svg
cabinet of France
Louis Adolphe Thiers 2.jpg
Date formed 22 February 1836
Date dissolved 6 September 1836
People and organisations
Head of state Louis Philippe I
Head of government Adolphe Thiers
Predecessor Cabinet of
Victor de Broglie
Successor First cabinet of
Louis Mathieu Molé

The First cabinet of Adolphe Thiers was announced on 22 February 1836 by King Louis Philippe I. It replaced the Cabinet of Victor de Broglie.

Adolphe Thiers resigned on 25 August 1836 when the king refused to accept his recommendation to send troops to destroy the revolutionary party in Spain, which was strongly supported by the Minister of War, Nicolas Joseph Maison. On 6 September 1836 the cabinet was replaced by the First cabinet of Louis Mathieu Molé.[1]


The cabinet was created by ordinance of 22 February 1836. The ministers were:[2]


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