First cabinet of Louis Mathieu Molé

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First cabinet of Louis Mathieu Molé
Royal Standard of Louis-Philippe I of France (1830–1848).svg
cabinet of France
Molé par Baugniet.jpg
Date formed 6 September 1836
Date dissolved 15 April 1837
People and organisations
Head of state Louis Philippe I
Head of government Louis-Mathieu Molé
Predecessor First cabinet of
Adolphe Thiers
Successor Second cabinet of
Louis Mathieu Molé

The First cabinet of Louis Mathieu Molé was announced on 6 September 1836 by King Louis Philippe I. It replaced the First cabinet of Adolphe Thiers.

On 19 September 1836 the Ministry of Commerce was replaced by the Ministry of Public Works, Agriculture and Commerce.[1] Following an insurrection on 30 October 1836 in Strasbourg, on 24 January 1837 the Minister of War, Bernard, introduced a draft law that would stop prosection of crimes committed by the military and the civil authorities during the riots. Discussion began in the Chamber of Deputies on 28 February and continued until 7 March, when it was rejected by the deputies. This caused a ministerial crisis.[2] The cabinet was dissolved on 15 April 1837, replaced by the Second cabinet of Louis Mathieu Molé.[3]


The cabinet was created by ordinance of 6 September 1836. The ministers were:[2]


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