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Fisker may refer to:


  • Fisker Coachbuild (founded 2005), a car design firm based in Orange County, California, US
    • Fisker Automotive (2007–2014), a car company, based in Irvine, California, US, formed from a merger of Fisker Coachbuild
      • Karma Automotive (founded 2015), a Chinese owned car company based in Irvine, California, US, formed from the assets of Fisker Automotive
  • Fisker Inc. (founded 2016), a car company, based in Los Angeles, California, US, founded by Henrik Fisker


  • Henrik Fisker (born 1963), automobile designer and executive chairman of Fisker Automotive
  • Kasper Fisker (born 1988), Danish soccer player
  • Kay Fisker (1893-1965), Danish architect
  • Knud Erik Fisker (born 1960), Danish soccer referee
  • Lorentz Fisker (1753–1819), Danish military officer and oceanographer/geographer
  • Maria Fisker (born 1990), Danish handball player
  • Peder Andersen Fisker, builder of the Danish motorcycle Nimbus in a partnership with H M Nielsen
  • Sisse Fisker (born 1976), Danish television presenter

See also[edit]

  • Fisker Karma (production 2012-2014), a luxury plug-in hybrid sports sedan produced by Fisker Automotive
  • Benetti Fisker 50, a superyacht designed by Henrik Fisker and built by Benetti
  • VLF Automotive (Villarreal-Lutz-Fisker Automotive), a car company founded in 2012