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Hamilton (1998 film)

Hamilton is a 1998 Swedish action film directed by Harald Zwart and starring Peter Stormare, Mark Hamill and Lena Olin. The film was edited with additional scenes into a 3 hour long TV-series in 2001; the 1998 single "No Man's Land" by Ardis was included in the soundtrack to this film. Swedish military intelligence officers Carl Hamilton and Åke Stålhandske are ordered to eliminate a band of Russian smugglers on the Russian tundra; the smugglers possess a nuclear missile, a 1.5 megaton SS-20, "enough to turn Paris, Washington or New York to ashes". What they do not know is that the smugglers they have intercepted were only a decoy, while the real missile was shipped to Libya. Mike Hawkins, the film's antagonist, is an American former CIA officer working in Murmansk, looking for the nuclear missile and joins Hamilton's team. Peter Stormare as Carl Hamilton Lena Olin as Tessie Mark Hamill as Mike Hawkins Mats Långbacka as Åke Stålhandske Terry Carter as Texas Slim The Statoil company paid 500,000 NOK for their logo to be displayed for three seconds in the film.

Mark Hamill accidentally hit Peter Stormare during the last fight scene. Hamilton on IMDb Hamilton at Rotten Tomatoes Hamilton at the Swedish Film Institute Database

City of Hindmarsh Woodville

The City of Hindmarsh Woodville was a local government area in South Australia from 1993 to 1997 seated at the inner north west Adelaide suburbs of Hindmarsh and Woodville. It came into existence on 2 August 1993 with the amalgamation of the Town of Hindmarsh and the City of Woodville as the City of Hindmarsh and Woodville, following a Local Government Advisory Commission report on 16 July, supportive of the merger; the council was composed of 6 aldermen and 22 councillors. It retained the eleven wards of its two predecessor councils, each of which were represented by two councillors. John Dyer, the last mayor of Woodville, was appointed mayor at its inception and served throughout its existence; the council was short-lived, as on 1 January 1997 it amalgamated with the City of Henley and Grange to form the City of Charles Sturt

John Moir (settler)

John Moir was a settler and pastoralist in the areas to the east of Albany, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. Born at Cape Riche in 1851, he was the eldest son of the pioneer Andrew Moir, from Markinch in Fifeshire and had settled in the region in the 1840s; the Moir family lived in a cottage in the neighbouring allotment to George Cheyne with two of John's brothers working at Cheyne's Cape Riche farm. The Moir family acquired the Cheyne's property including the homestead; the homestead and out-buildings were constructed between 1850 and 1850. A billiards room was built by John Moir with the assistance of Aboriginal people, with a blacksmith shop built at around the same time. Much of the furniture was fashioned from driftwood found on the nearby beaches; the station was used as supply depot for the sandalwood and sealing industries that were flourishing in the area through the 1870s to the 1900s. Moir was married in 1881 and remained at Cape Riche where he had taken a half share of the property on the death of his father.

Moir and his son Neil extended their land-holding along Cheynes Beach in 1920 when they acquired another 1,796 acres of land. Cape Riche Station was still held by the family with Moir's other sons having set up sheep stations further to the east near the Salt River; the Moirs used the sheep for meat production to supply the goldfields around Norseman. Moir died on 31 May 1938 at Albany Hospital at age 87, was buried at Cape Riche

Bow Lake (Alberta)

Bow Lake is a small lake in western Alberta, Canada. It is located on the Bow River, in the Canadian Rockies, at an altitude of 1920 m; the lake lies south of the Bow Summit, east of the Waputik Range and west of the Dolomite Pass, Dolomite Peak and Cirque Peak. Bow Lake is one of the lakes that line the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, other such lakes being Hector Lake, Lake Louise, Peyto Lake, Mistaya Lake, Waterfowl Lakes, Chephren Lake and Sunwapta Lake. Historical Simpson's Num-Ti-Jah Lodge is located on the shores of Bow Lake at the foot of Mount Jimmy Simpson. Bow Lake is the closest lake to the headwaters of Bow River, has a total area of 3.21 km². Water in the lake is meltwater of the Bow Glacier and its turquoise colouring is due to glacial till. Lakes of Alberta

Laskovyi Mai

Laskovyi Mai was a Soviet boy band from Moscow founded by Russian songwriter and musician Sergei Kuznetsov. The group's best-known member was Yuri Shatunov; the group disbanded in 1992. Laskovyi Mai once had been called "the legends of the 80–90s"; the band has made a comeback since 2009 as a new Russian band under some changed membership of Andrei Razin, Sergey Serkov, Andrei Kucherov and Sergei Lenyuk. Laskovyi Mai was formed in the middle of the 1980s, when Sergei Kuznetsov decided to create a group of musicians with orphan children from an orphanage in Orenburg; the group's first album became legendary in the history of the Soviet pop. The style of group is a mix of Western disco pop music made on the synthesizer with plain lyrics and sung with a jazzy voice; the group Vesyolye Rebyata was a big rival, with their hit "Rozovye Rozy" being nearly as popular as Laskovyi May's but "Belye Rozy". VocalistsYuri Shatunov Andrei Razin Andrey Gurov Anton Tokarev Viktor Kulikov Vlada Moscovskaya Oleg Krestovsky Konstantin Pakhomov Vladimir Shurochkin Rafael Isangulov – keyboardist Yuri Barabash Yuri Gurov Key staffSergei Kuznetsov — founder, composer, keyboardist Vladimir Boyko – musical director, composer Alla Goltseva – lyricist Rashid Dayrabaev – band's first director Arkady Kudryashov – band administrator Anatoly Meshaev composer, arranger Natalia Grozovskii – vocal group "Белые розы" "Belye Rozi" – after a famous song by the band Eugene Zakulaev – deputy general director of the orphanageMusiciansIgor Anisimov – main keyboardist of the first band Alexei Burda – keyboards Alexander Priko – keyboards Evgeny Bychkov – keyboards Sergei Kulagin – keyboards Arvid Yurgaytis – keyboards Mikhail Sukhomlinov – keyboards Vyacheslav Ponomarevbass guitar Igor Safiullin – saxophone Igor Igoshin – drums, percussion engineer Sergei Lenyuk - drumsTechniciansOleg Andreev – sound engineer Alexander Egunov – sound engineer Vladimir Hozyaenko – sound engineer Pavel Tomov – sound engineer Andrei Razin Sergei Serkov Andrei Kucherov Sergei Lenyuk In 2009, Russian film director Vladimir Vinogradov released his film titled Laskovyi Mai, a biographical drama film about the career of the famous Soviet band.

Cast Vyacheslav Manucharov as Andrei Razin Vasiliy Belokopytov as Nach. Okhrany Dmitriy Blokhin as Chairman of the Kolkhoz Danila Chvanov Ekaterina Fedulova as Lilya Raisa Konyukhova as Mariya Gorbacheva Maksim Kostromykin as Maksim Maksim Litovchenko as Sergei Kuznetsov Viktoriya Matveyeva as Mother of Viti Aleksandr Nekhoroshikh Marina Oryol as Katenka Sergei Romanovich Raisa Ryazanova as Direktrisa Detdoma Petr Skvortsov as Kolya Nikita Slepchenkov Vladimir Steklov Inga Strelkova-Oboldina Viktor Verzhbitsky Lyudmila Zajtseva as Grandmother Andrei Razin Laskoviy Mai film page Laskovyi Mai discography at Discogs