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Flag of Åland.svg
Use Civil and state flag, civil and state ensign
Proportion 17:26
Adopted 1954
Design A yellow-fimbriated red Nordic cross on a blue field
Swallowtailed version used by Åland yacht clubs (badge of club replaces oval in canton)
Unofficial flag 1921-1954
The flag of Åland hangs with the flag of Finland.

The flag of Åland refers to the geographical and political position of the Finnish islands of Åland.[citation needed] It is the Swedish flag defaced by a red cross symbolising Finland.[citation needed] Today, blue and white are considered the Finnish colours, but in the early days of Finnish nationalism, red and yellow from the Finnish coat of arms were also an option.[citation needed]

The flag has been the official flag of the autonomous Finnish province of Åland since 1954. It was first hoisted on 3 April 1954.[1]

Prior to autonomy, an unofficial horizontal bicolour triband of blue-yellow-blue was in use. That flag was made illegal in 1935.[1][2]


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