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The official flag used on a border sign in Menen

The flag of Flanders, called the Vlaamse Leeuw ("Flemish Lion") or leeuwenvlag ("Lion flag"), is the flag of the Flemish Community and Flemish Region in Belgium. The flag was officially adopted by the Cultural Council for the Dutch Cultural Community (Cultuurraad voor de Nederlandse Cultuurgemeenschap) in 1973, and later, in 1985, by its successor, the Flemish Parliament. In 1990, also the coat of arms was adopted as an official symbol.

The flag of Flanders is described as Or, a lion rampant armed and langued Gules.


Flag of Flanders.svg Official flag of Flanders
VlaamseStrijdvlag.svg A variant of the flag is also used by the Flemish Movement. This variant, without red claws, is often used as well. It is known as the strijdvlag ("battle flag"). It is not an official symbol. It was, however, used by the flemish fighting alongside Nazi and SS troops, and is as such also known as the collaboration flag. It is today used by extreme-right and racist movements.
Drapeau fr département Nord.svg Flag of the Nord department of France, of which a part (namely French Flanders) was historically part of the County of Flanders.
Generieke vlag van Vlaanderen.svg Flag of the County of Flanders (862 — 1795)

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