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FLAT 211
Directed by Sunil Sanjan
Produced by Sunil Sanjan
Written by Sunil Sanjan, Ravi Kaiwart
Screenplay by Sunil Sanjan
Ravi Kaiwart
Starring Jayesh Raj
Sonal Singh
Music by Prakash Prabhakar
Cinematography Jaffer Shadiq
Ravi Ranjan
Edited by Sunil Sanjan
Dileep Prasad
Distributed by Ajha Global Entertainment
Release date
  • 2 June 2017 (2017-06-02)
Running time
145 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

FLAT 211 is a 2017 Indian mystery Suspense film produced and directed by Sunil Sanjan.[1]. [2] [3] . The film features new cast from TV and theatre world. It tells about an incident inside a flat numbered 211. The film was released on 2nd June 2017.[4] [5]


An incident occurs at Flat 211 and the characters connected to this flat get involved in the incident leading to a mess. The mysterious identity of the person responsible for the incident grows leading to a dramatic turn of events. The film revolves around a murder mystery.[6] [7]



FLAT 211
Soundtrack album by Prakash Prabhakar
Released 19th April 2017
Recorded 2016–2017
Genre Feature film Soundtrack
Label Ajha Global Entertainment
Producer Sunil Sanjan

Despite new cast, the film was musically big as some of the biggest names from Hindi film industry were part of it i.e. Mika Singh, Harshdeep Kaur, Ash King, Mohammed Irfan (singer)[13] , Divya Kumar (singer) and Tarannum Mallik. There are total 5 songs in the film plus 2 unplugged versions. Initial music launch was done on 19th April 2017. [14] [15] [16]

1."Ek Raat Ki Kaali"Tanveer GhaziPrakash PrabhakarBanjyotsna Borgohain2:53
2."Ek Raat Ki Kaali (Unplugged)"Tanveer GhaziPrakash PrabhakarTarannum Mallik2:56
3."Chocolatey Cake"Tanveer GhaziPrakash PrabhakarAsh King3:12
4."Tere Lams Ne"Tanveer GhaziPrakash PrabhakarMohammed Irfan5:36
5."Ek Din Chalegi Saali"Tanveer GhaziPrakash PrabhakarDivya Kumar5:20
6."Tere Lams Ne (Unplugged)"Tanveer GhaziPrakash PrabhakarHarshdeep Kaur5:32
7."Crmiminal Akhiyan"Tanveer GhaziPrakash PrabhakarMika Singh3:28


  • Flat 211 is nominated in 'Best Drama Feature' category at Genre Celebration Festival.[17]
  • Flat 211 is nominated in 'Best Actress' category at Genre Celebration Festival.[18]
  • Flat 211 was nominated as 'Best Film' at Los Angeles Cinefest. [19]
  • Flat 211 is FINALIST winner at Red Corner Film Festival. [20]


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