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In BEAM robotics, a flier is an aero-robot that functions in an atmospheric environment. They possess a driven mode of locomotion through and/or supported by the atmosphere. Fliers include various designs, but usually lie within a device class that can be delineated as aircraft, which includes any vehicle designed to move through the air (aerodynes or aerostats).

One idea for a solar powered blimp is to use the principle of the Solar balloon, and a standard photopopper circuit.


  • Helicopter : Powered rotor provides both lift and propulsion; Utilizes differential thrust to hop toward brighter areas (aka. "Hoppers")
  • Airplane : Aircraft that has a fixed wing and is powered by propellers or jets; Usually powered via non-solar power source (such as pneumatic or battery); Solar power for control.
  • Blimp : Aircraft that has neutrally-buoyant balloon for lift; Solar power for control and propulsion.