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Kings of the City

Kings of the City was a British rock and hip hop band from London, England. The band consisted of rappers Ali Bla Bla and Koken, lead singer and guitarist Danny Wilder, bassist Memari Man, guitarist Richie 2 Pun, drummer Royal and synthesiser player 8bit. In 2011 they released a single with Klashnekoff, undertook a UK tour with Maverick Sabre; the band was established by rapper Ali Bla Bla after meeting lead singer Danny Wilder at a Busta Rhymes concert at London's Wembley Arena. Ali turned to old school friends Richie 2 Pun, Memari Man and Koken as well as brother 8bit and formed the band, their debut single, "I Try", was released on 31 August 2010, gaining support from BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra. They have gone onto achieve further cult success through singles "Listen To The Old Man" and "Darkness" released on 11 March 2011, with remix's from Nutty P; the band went onto release their biggest underground hit to date "Make Me Worse" on 13 July 2012 and went onto BBC Radio 1xtra to perform live on Charlie Sloth's Fire In The Booth.

Quite a lot of their popularity has come from the Monstercat DJ/producer/business entrepreneur, when he remixed "Make Me Worse" and it went on to reach over a million views. Lead singer, Danny Wilder died of lung cancer on 3 October 2013, at the age of 27; the band released this statement via their Facebook page: "For the first time in my life, I am lost for words. Our brother, leader, guitarist, front man and all around boss, Danny Wilder, passed away yesterday morning; the world will never be the same again. Our respect and deepest sorrows are with his family and loved ones." The final album, titled "No Snake" was released as a tribute to Danny Wilder's legacy with the help of a successful Kickstarter project on 14 August 2015. The Kickstarter raised a total of £14,129 from 338 backers on 14 September 2014; the album featured other talent such as Maverick Sabre and Klashnekoff and consisted of 14 tracks, several tracks, such as "Make Me Worse," "Please Tell Me," "Wrong" and "Doors Are Open" received live action music videos.

The albums total length is 1:03:16, the album can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube on the "Lonesome Dog" label official account. Following a cover of Maverick Sabre's UK chart single "Let Me Go" for youth broadcaster SB. TV, the band were invited to support Sabre on his 2011 UK tour. Listen to the Old Man - December 20, 2010, EP Covers - October 24, 2011, EP No Rules to the Game - December 1, 2011, EP 1. Make Me Worse 0:00 2. Whispers 3:25 3. If You Want A Killer 7:53 4. Losing You 11:28 5. Listen To The Old Man 15:08 6. Mirage 19:28 7. Revelator 22:27 No Guts - August 6, 2012, EP No Glory - September 28, 2012, EP No Snake - August 14, 2015, LP 1. Make Me Worse 0:00 2. Please Tell Me 3:26 3. Casino ft. Maverick Sabre 7:09 4. Sun is Rising 10:52 5. Wrong 15:49 6, they Know Nothing 20:06 7. Pusher Man 24:47 8. All The Same 29:20 9. Can't Let it Go 34:07 10. Doors Are Open 38:02 11. Lonesome Dog 42:38 12. Red ft. Klashnekoff 46:16 13. No Snake 52:08 14. Colours 59:17

Raman Hui

Raman Hui Shing-Ngai is a Hong Kong animator and film director best known for co-directing Shrek the Third, directing several short films, including Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five, Scared Shrekless and Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos. Hui was born in Hong Kong, grew up in a single parent family, with his mother raising him and two other siblings. Liking to draw since he could remember, he went to Hong Kong Polytechnic University where he graduated in 1984 in graphic design. After the graduation, he worked as a cel animator at Quantum Studios in Hong Kong. In 1989, he moved to Canada to attend a three-month course at Sheridan College to improve his knowledge in computer animation. For a while he was creating hand-drawn animated productions for TV commercials in Toronto. In 1989, Hui started working as a junior animator at Pacific Data Images, acquired by DreamWorks Animation. There, he worked on short films. Among other work, he directed two short films, Sleepy Guy, Fat Cat on a Diet.

He was the supervising animator and lead character designer on PDI's first feature film, released in 1998. From there he went on to serve as supervising animator for Shrek and Shrek 2. In 2004, he spent half a year in Hong Kong where he directed animation for the DreamWorks Animation's televisions series Father of the Pride, subcontracted to a Hong Kong company. In 2007, he co-directed Shrek the Third, he directed three short films, Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five, Scared Shrekless and Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos. Hui illustrated several children story books in collaboration with Kiehl's to raise funds for various Hong Kong organizations, his first book and Sesame was released in 2004, followed by Piccolo in 2005 and Grandma Long Ears in 2006. Due to his contributions to the Shrek films, Forbes listed Hui in 2010 among 25 notable Chinese-Americans in the business field. Hui said of himself that he is a "Hong Konger living in America," being "sandwiched between Western and Chinese cultures."

After arriving to the United States, beside learning a new language, Hui had most troubles adapting to a different lifestyle: "Hong Kong is a busy place. But the place I lived, Silicon Valley, was so quiet that if you see someone walking down the street at night, you should feel worried." Although, he prefers living in Hong Kong, Hui prefers working in the United States: "They make sure you have enough time to do your job well. I feel attached to that country because it is where I learned all my skills." Raman Hui on IMDb

Colorado State Highway 8

State Highway 8 is an 8.68-mile long state highway in the U. S. state of Colorado. SH 8's western terminus is at U. S. Route 285 in Morrison, the eastern terminus is at SH 121 in Lakewood. From its western terminus at the interchange with the U. S. Highway 285 freeway, SH 8 runs north in the town of Morrison east on Morrison Road to its eastern terminus at State Highway 121 known as Wadsworth Boulevard, in Lakewood; the entire length of this highway is a little less than nine miles, all within the western suburbs of Denver and within Jefferson County. No part of SH 8 is a freeway. Within the town of Morrison is a road junction with State Highway 74 known as Bear Creek Canyon Road, westbound to Evergreen. East of Morrison is an interchange with the SH 470 freeway. East of SH 470 and west of Wadsworth Boulevard is an intersection with State Highway 391; the entire route is in Jefferson County

Purefoods–Swift rivalry

The Purefoods Corporation had a basketball rivalry with the Republic Flour Mills company in the Philippine Basketball Association for most of the 1990s, where they competed not only in sports but in products. Purefoods Corporation burst into the basketball scene in 1986 by joining the Philippine Amateur Basketball League which had the RFM-Swifts as its founding members. Both companies, which were into food and beverage business, were the largest producer and marketer of processed meats in the Philippines, their first-ever match-up took place during the second conference at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. Overall, RFM Corporation was more successful in the amateur league, its team won three championships from 1987-1989 and featured some of the best amateur cagers and national team members such as Elmer Cabahug, Renato Agustin, Ricric Marata, Alvin Patrimonio and Zaldy Realubit. Purefoods were consists of players who didn't make their mark into the pro league and some collegiate standouts. In 1988, Purefoods entered in the Philippine Basketball Association, buying out the franchise rights of the disbanded Tanduay Rhum Makers.

Their amateur ballclub would play its final season after two conferences. The Purefoods' PBA team was securing the services of national team player Alvin Patrimonio, who has express his desire to moved to the pro ranks but was denied release and prevented by his mother team in the PABL. Republic Flour Mills bought the Cosmos Bottling Corporation in 1989 and were first known as Pop Cola Sizzlers when they joined the Philippine Basketball Association as an expansion franchise in 1990, their first meeting with corporate rival Purefoods Hotdogs takes place on March 1, 1990, with Purefoods winning 132-122. Pop Cola got back at Purefoods in their second meeting on March 13 and scored their first win in the pro league after five losses, defeating the Hotdogs, 138-120. In the 1990 PBA Third Conference semifinals, Pop Cola now rename Sarsi, were out of contention in the series for third place when they played with pride and beat the finals-seeking Purefoods, 138-131, denying the Hotdogs an outright finals berth and sent them into a playoff game against Shell.

The following season in 1991, Diet Sarsi acquired shooting guard Al Solis from Purefoods by offering him a contract which the Hotdogs did not match. On April 14, Purefoods center Jack Tanuan joined the Sizzlers. RFM tried to acquire Hotdogs' forward Alvin Patrimonio but the PBA office fined both RFM and Patrimonio for tampering; the two corporate rivals battled in the 1991 PBA All-Filipino Conference Finals. The best-of-five series went in all five games with the Hotdogs winning, 107-100, in the deciding game. Starting the third conference of that year, RFM changed its team name from Diet Sarsi to Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdogs, a brand that their amateur ballclub used during the 1980s and as to rival Purefoods' "Tender Juicy Hotdogs". While there have been some close matches between Diet Sarsi and Purefoods in the eliminations and semifinals besides their All-Filipino championship meeting in RFM's second season in the PBA, the year 1992 started to heat up for the two rival ballclubs, it began in the pre-season when Purefoods TJ Hotdogs forward Nelson Asaytono jumped over the other side of the fence and joined Swift Mighty Meaties.

The trade in exchange for a future draft pick sealed a long-awaited Alvin Patrimonio vs Nelson Asaytono match-up. In the 1992 PBA First Conference elimination round, Purefoods won over Swift in double-overtime, 131-128, in an early clash on February 13, 1992; the Mighty Meaties nip the Hotdogs, 115-114, in their second meeting on March 19. Swift repeated over Purefoods in their playoff game on March 26 for the last semifinals berth, 123-117. Purefoods won all three matches against Swift in the 1992 PBA All-Filipino Conference as the Patrimonio-Codiñera tandem proved its superiority over their last year's finals protagonist, the Tender Juicy Hotdogs overcame Nelson Asaytono's career-high of 48 points in a 110-106 win on July 2. Purefoods got the better over Swift in the endgame of their two semifinal matches, winning 108-104 on July 21, 103-99 on August 11. In the third conference with Swift having the high-scoring Tony Harris as their import, they beat the Hotdogs in all their four meetings.

In the 1993 PBA season, Purefoods found a full-time coach in Chot Reyes, unlike the previous year where the team fired coach Ely Capacio after the first conference and team manager Domingo Panganiban acting as their interim coach in the last two conferences. Reyes' coaching stint with Purefoods started Swift's Yeng Guiao. Coach Chot Reyes led Coney Island to the All-Filipino Cup title and the Ice Cream Stars earlier met Swift Mighty Meaties in the best-of-five semifinal series and scored a 3-0 sweep. Swift and Purefoods played against each other in the championship series for the second time in three years during the second conference called the Commissioners Cup, the Mighty Meaties exact revenge this time over their corporate rivals, having acquired new recruits before the start of the conference via trade, these are shooting forward Vergel Meneses and center Zaldy Realubit. Powered by best import Ronnie Thompkins, Swift won in six games. Coach Yeng Guiao had an overall 13 to 5 edge over Coach Chot Reyes as Swift was "Contra-pelo" to Purefoods in the 1993 season, most of the Hotdogs' heartbreaking losses to Swift were in the import-flavored conference, one of, in their last semifinal meeting in the Commissioner's Cup on August 20 where Purefoods im

Mohammed Nasser Ahmed

For others named Muhammad Ahmed, see the Muhammad Ahmed navigation pageMohammed Nasser Ahmed Ali Al-Husseini is a Yemeni major general, the defense minister of Yemen. Ahmed was born on 1 January 1950 in Mudiyah District, Abyan Governorate, he holds a master's degree in military science. Ahmed served in various capacities in Yemeni army and ministry of defense until 1994; that year he became director of logistics and supply. He joined the Congress Party, he was appointed defense minister by former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in February 2006. He succeeded Abdullah Ali Elewa in the post; however Ahmed began to cooperate with future President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. Ahmed retained his post in the government formed on 7 December 2012 after Saleh was removed from office. So-called national reconciliation government was headed by prime minister Muhammad Salim Basindwah. Ahmed survived an assassination attempt on 27 September 2011 in Aden, he escaped another assassination attempt unhurt in Sanaa on 11 September 2012.

However, the attack killed at least 13 people. He escaped an ambush by al-Qaeda gunmen southeast of Sanaa on 9 May 2014