Floating match on card

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The Floating Match on Card is a classic close-up magic effect.


Floating Match on Card

A match is placed on the back of a playing card; the magician causes the match to appear to float about one centimeter off the playing card. The magician may pass another playing card under or over the match to "prove" it is not being suspended by thread or wires.


This effect was originally created by Ben Harris[1] in the mid 1980s; the effect was sold under the name Cosmosis: The Original Floating Match. Harris's original effect was intended to be used with a regular playing card from a normal deck of playing cards.

Over the years, many copies of the effect have been made. Most of them include a pre-made gimmicked card to be used for the effect, it has been described as one of the most ripped-off effects in magic.[1]


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