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Foo Go
food manufacturer
FounderGeorge Robinson[1]
ProductsSandwiches and buns
OwnerGreencore Food to Go
Number of employees
low hundreds
ParentGreencore Group

Foo Go is a brand used by Greencore Group plc which makes pre-packed sandwiches and other convenience food. Their products are now sold in over 150 individual retailers in the UK, including WH Smith stores. In its first three years of operation, the company had a turnover of £7 million.[2]

It was sold to Greencore Group plc in 2009 for £4.4m.

The firm has a "zero waste" environment policy and has used water-based boards, inks and coatings with packet windows made from 100% cornstarch instead of the normal oil-based inks and a plastic film since its founding in 2001,[3] so as to make the packet totally biodegradable.[2][4][5]

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