Football in Andorra

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Football in Andorra
Country Andorra
Governing body Andorran Football Federation
National team(s) men's national team
National competitions
Club competitions
International competitions

The sport of football in the country of Andorra is run by the Andorran Football Federation.[1][2] The federation administers the Andorran national football team, as well as the Andorran First Division.

The national team has existed since 1996, they have recorded three victories, against Belarus, Albania, and Republic of Macedonia, all of which were at home. They are one of the most penalized teams in Europe, having received more red and yellow cards in the WC 2006 Qualifiers than any other team.

Albert Celades is an Andorran, who has played for both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The midfielder never made an appearance for the Andorran squad. However, he did make it to the Spanish national team.[citation needed]

FC Andorra is the only Andorran team to play in the Spanish football league system instead of the domestic league.

League system[edit]




Primera Divisió
8 clubs/ teams -> 1 relegated + 1 for play-off to relegation/ promotion

↓↑ 1-2 clubs


Segona Divisió
10 clubs/ teams -> 1 promoted + 1 for play-off to relegation/ promotion + 3 Reserve clubs/ teams not promoted

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