Fordoun Stone

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Coordinates: 56°53′46″N 2°27′04″W / 56.8962°N 2.4512°W / 56.8962; -2.4512

The Fordoun Stone
The Fordoun Stone
MaterialOld Red Sandstone
Size1.07 metres (3.5 ft)
WritingOgham script:
Roman script:
  • Celtic cross
  • Hunting scene
  • Double disc and z-rod
Discovered18th Century CE
Present locationAuchenblae, Aberdeenshire
ClassificationClass II cross slab

The Fordoun Stone is a class II Pictish cross slab in Fordoun parish church, Auchenblae, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


A slab of Old Red Sandstone, the cross slab was discovered in the late 18th century, having been reused as paving in Fordoun Parish Church;[1] the slab, now standing in the church bears a celtic cross with interlaced knotwork, a hunting scene and a double disc and z-rod design. It also bears inscriptions, Ogham script along the edges of the stone, VUN-MSETTORBBRE as well as an inscription in roman script, Pidarnoin, on the face of the slab.


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