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Foreign relations of Burundi

Burundi's relations with its neighbours have been affected by security concerns. Hundreds of thousands of Burundian refugees have at various times crossed to neighboring Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Hundreds of thousands of Burundians are in neighboring countries as a result of the ongoing civil war. Most of them, more than 340,000 since 1993, are in Tanzania; some Burundian rebel groups have used neighboring countries as bases for insurgent activities. The 1993 embargo placed on Burundi by regional states hurt diplomatic relations with its neighbors. Burundi is a member of various international and regional organizations, including the United Nations, the African Union, the African Development Bank and the Francophonie; the Swedish Minister for Integration and Gender Equality, Nyamko Sabuni, was born in Burundi. List of diplomatic missions in Burundi List of diplomatic missions of Burundi

Howard Dayton

Howard Dayton, raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. After graduating from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1967, he served two and a half years as a naval officer. In 1969, Howard developed The Caboose, a successful railroad-themed restaurant, in Orlando, FL. In 1972, he began his commercial real estate development career, specializing in office development in central Florida. In 1970, Howard began to meet with a group of businessmen who introduced him to Jesus Christ as his savior. Three years his business partner challenged him to study the Scriptures to discover what God teaches about handling money, they discovered the Bible contained 2,350 verses dealing with money and possessions, Howard's life profoundly changed. God gave him a passion to share the life-changing principles he discovered, leading him to write eight books, six small group studies that have been translated into dozens of languages. Howard developed an effective small-group financial study. Dayton served, as CEO of Crown.

Crown Ministries merged with Larry Burkett's Christian Financial Concepts in September 2000 to form Crown Financial Ministries, the world's largest financial ministry at that time. During his tenure as CEO, the ministry taught more than 50 million people in 88 countries God’s way of handling money and operating a business, he was named among the Top 20 CEOs of Christian Organizations, the ministry was recognized as one of the “Best Christian Workplaces.” Howard served as Crown's unsalaried CEO until 2007. In 2008, he received an honorary doctorate from Asbury University. In 2009, Howard founded a new ministry, Compass - finances God's way, serves as the CEO as a full-time volunteer; the vision of Compass is to teach people worldwide how to handle money and operate businesses God's way. As of 2018, Compass has expanded into 80 countries. On March 28, 2014, Asbury University dedicated the Howard Dayton School of Business; the name of the business school was changed to the Howard and Beverly Dayton School of Business in 2018 to honor his remarkable wife of 46 year who died in 2017.

Howard resides in Orlando, Florida. Books Your Money: Frustration or Freedom Your Money Counts Free and Clear Your Money Map Money and Marriage God's Way Business God's Way ABCs of Handling Money God’s Way co-authored with Beverly Dayton The Secret co-authored with Beverly DaytonAudio Books Your Money Counts Business God's way Money and Marriage God's Way Your Money Map Bibles Financial Stewardship Bible Studies Navigating Your Finances God’s Way - small group study Money and Marriage God’s Way - small group study Business God’s Way - small group study Set Your House in Order - small group study Charting Your Legacy - small group study Give, Save & Spend - for-credit college course developed in collaboration with Dr. Dan Lewis and Kyle HasbrouckDVD Series Navigating Your Finances God's Way Business God's Way Howard followed Larry Burkett as the host of Money Matters, a 20-year radio program with co-host Steve Moore; the broadcast peaked in 2007, carried on 2,000 stations and outlets with about 2 million weekly listeners.

In 2011, Howard joined Steve Moore again to host the nationally syndicated call-in radio program, MoneyWise, aired on 850 Christian radio stations and outlets with an estimated weekly listening audience of 875,000. Howard selected Rob West as his successor host in 2017. Dayton hosted HeyHoward, a one-minute program carried on 1,100 stations and outlets. Compass has Regional Directors in North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and India. Compass serves in 80 countries. Compass - Finances God's Way Moody Publishers

Albert Lim

Albert Lim is a Hong Kong Baritone graduated from the Royal College of Music and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Royal College of Music postgraduate diploma programme, Lim made his debut as a soloist in 1997, performing Mozart’s C Minor Mass, K.427 with the Hong Kong Bach Choir. Since Lim has appeared with the group, he has collaborated with various vocal ensembles, namely the Hong Kong Oratorio Society, the Learners’ Chorus. His most recent performance was given in conjunction with the Chinese University Chorus, as part of the 330 commemoration of J. S. Bach as well as a featured event of the 2015 Singfest in Hong Kong. Lim has sung different roles in productions produced by Opera Hong Hong and Musica Viva, two opera companies in Hong Kong. Lim’s repertoire include Figaro from Le Nozze di Figaro, Papageno from Die Zauberflöte, Escamillo from Carmen, Marcello from La Bohème, Ben from Menotti’s The Telephone, Umeya from Huang Ruo’s opera, Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

In 2011, Lim was invited to perform with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, representing Hong Kong in the Shanghai EXPO. In 2012, Lim appeared as the featured soloist in Faure's Requiem with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. Lim performed as a soloist with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in 2013. A versatile singer, Lim is at home in the pop music scene, he has shared the stage with a number of Cantopop stars, notably Hacken Lee and the Taiwanese singer, Jeff Zhang. Lim has recorded music soundtracks for Walt Disney's animated movies, including Lady and the Tramp and Lava in Cantonese; as a devoted Christian, Lim has taken part in the studio recordings produced by ShareHymns Association Limited, a non-profit making Christian music organization in Hong Kong. While keeping a busy teaching schedule, Lim is president of Aria Academy of Music, faculty member of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Chinese University of Hong Kong, conductor at the Hong Kong Children's Choir and the assistant chorus master of Opera Hong Kong

List of statutes of New Zealand (2008–2017)

This is a list of statutes from 2008 to 2017. For lists of earlier and more recent statutes, see Lists of Statutes of New Zealand; this is a list of Statutes of New Zealand for the period of the Fifth National Government of New Zealand. Taxation Act 2008AmendmentsBail Amendment Act 2008 Education Amendment Act 2008 Electricity Repeal Act 2008 Employment Relations Amendment Act 2008 Energy Biofuel Obligation Repeal Act 2008 Sentencing Amendment Act 2008 Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 Appropriation Act 2009 Appropriation Act 2009 Appropriation Act 2009 Cluster Munitions Prohibition Act 2009 Criminal Proceeds Act 2009 Crown Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme Act 2009 Immigration Act 2009 Imprest Supply Act 2009 Imprest Supply Act 2009 Local Government Act 2009 Local Government Act 2009 Methodist Church of New Zealand Trusts Act 2009 Port Nicholson Block Claims Settlement Act 2009 Subordinate Legislation Act 2009 Taxation Act 2009 Taxation Act 2009 Taxation Act 2009 Taxation Act 2009 Wanganui District Council Act 2009 Whakarewarewa and Roto-a-Tamaheke Vesting Act 2009 Appropriation Act 2010 Appropriation Act 2010 Appropriation Act 2010 Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010 Courts Act 2010 Electoral Referendum Act 2010 Electricity Industry Act 2010 Environment Canterbury Act 2010 Governor-General Act 2010 Insurance Act 2010 Limitation Act 2010 Local Government Act 2010 New Zealand Productivity Commission Act 2010 Ngāti Apa Claims Settlement Act 2010 Ngati Tuwharetoa, Te Arawa River Iwi Waikato River Act 2010 Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 Research and Technology Act 2010 Rugby World Cup 2011 Act 2010 Subordinate Legislation Act 2010 Trans-Tasman Proceedings Act 2010 Unit Titles Act 2010 Utilities Access Act 2010 Waikato-Tainui Raupatu Claims Settlement Act 2010 Appropriation Act 2011 Appropriation Act 2011 Appropriation Act 2011 Auditor Regulation Act 2011 Canterbury Earthquake Commemoration Day Act 2011 Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011 Criminal Procedure Act 2011 Duties of Statutory Officers Act 2011 Environmental Protection Authority Act 2011 Financial Markets Authority Act 2011 Freedom Camping Act 2011 Hamilton City Council Land Vesting Act 2011 Imprest Supply Act 2011 Imprest Supply Act 2011 Legal Services Act 2011 Local Government Borrowing Act 2011 Māori Purposes Act 2011 Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011 Securities Trustees and Statutory Supervisors Act 2011 Sleepover Wages Act 2011 Student Loan Scheme Act 2011 Subordinate Legislation Act 2011 Taxation Act 2011 Taxation Act 2011 Taxation Act 2011 Video Camera Surveillance Act 2011 Westpac New Zealand Act 2011 Whanganui Iwi On-account Settlement Act 2011AmendmentsAdoption Amendment Act 2011 Aquaculture Reform Amendment Act 2011 Bail Amendment Act 2011 Care of Children Amendment Act 2011 Children, Young Persons, Their Families Amendment Act 2011 Children, Young Persons, Their Families Amendment Act 2011 Climate Change Response Amendment Act 2011 Copyright Amendment Act 2011 Copyright Amendment Act 2011 Corrections Amendment Act 2011 Crimes Amendment Act 2011 Crimes Amendment Act 2011 Crimes Amendment Act 2011 Crimes Amendment Act 2011 Criminal Disclosure Amendment Act 2011 Criminal Procedure Amendment Act 2011 Criminal Proceeds Amendment Act 2011 Customs and Excise Amendment Act 2011 Dairy Industry Restructuring Amendment Act 2011 Disputes Tribunals Amendment Act 2011 District Courts Amendment Act 2011 District Courts Amendment Act 2011 Domestic Violence Amendment Act 2011 Education Amendment Act 2011 (Edu

Murder in a Blue World

Murder in a Blue World is a 1973 Spanish-French science fiction crime horror film directed by Eloy de la Iglesia and starring Sue Lyon, Christopher Mitchum and Jean Sorel. The plot follows a respectable nurse, who seduces young men, takes them home to bed, listens to the post-coital beating of their hearts, stabs them to death with a surgical scalpel; the film takes some cues from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange to the extent of being released on UK VHS as Clockwork Terror. Anna Vernia, a beautiful young nurse, receives a medal of recognition for her outstanding dedication to her patients at the medical center where she works, she is going out with Victor Sender, a doctor working in the same hospital. Victor is involved in a project that employs electro-shock therapy in violent criminals in an effort to turn them into model citizens. Crime is rampant in the city. There has been a number of unresolved killings of young men which have been attributed to a serial killer believed to be a sadistic homosexual.

A family is getting ready to watch Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange on television when they are assaulted by a gang of delinquents who knock at their door. The assailants, wearing red helmets, leather biker’s outfits, handling bullwhips smash the modern looking apartment, they leave the couple's young son unharmed. After their crime, there is a dispute among the four members of the gang. One gang member, David, is expelled from the group. Anna is a pop art collector, she is the highest bidder in an auction of Alex Raymond’s artwork for Flash Gordon. At the auction, she gives her phone number to her bidder rival, Toni, a young man with a handicapped leg. Anna lives alone in a large mansion on the outskirts of the city. After they have sex, Anna listens to Toni’s heartbeats while he sleeps and stabs him to death with a surgical scalpel, she disposes of Toni's body in a river. He begins to follow her. Wearing a wig and dressed matronly, Anna seduces Bruno, a narcissistic underwear model, who she has seen on TV commercials.

She kills him. His body falls next to the book Anna was reading: Vladimir Nabokov's novel "Lolita". Although Anna is still going out with Victor, she rebuffs his romantic advances. Dressed in drag, Anna enters a gay bar where she picks up Roman Mendoza, a gay man who she takes home. After dancing a waltz, Anna proposes to have sex, he is hesitant. He thought, he had never had sex with a woman before. While Anna was out, David entered her house after befriending the German Shepherd that guarded her property. Hiding behind curtains, David witnesses Anna seducing the young gay man and sees her stab him in the heart. Broken glass inside her house alerts Anna; when she looks outside she sees David playing with her dogs behind the mansion fence. Anna, pretending to be a maid, invites him in; when she is going to start her pre-murder routine, David shows her the surgical scalpel used by Anna to kill her victims. She has been hiding it inside a music box. David does not want to denounce her to the police. Through their monetary transactions, David begins to arouse Anna's personal interest.

David buys a motorcycle with the money, but the members of his former gang, who believe he has stolen a bounty from them, pursue him and leave him badly beaten. David is taken to the hospital. Since David was a violent criminal in the past, Victor wants to experiment on him the electro-shock therapy to turn killers like David into “useful citizens”. Anna is moved, she is not going to allow Victor to use David for his experiments. At night on New Year's Eve, Anna reads a poem by Edgar Allan Poe to David; when Victor arrives he finds. In another room, the criminal patients in Victor's experiment go berserk, savagely killing each other. Sue Lyon as Ana Vernia Christopher Mitchum as David Jean Sorel as Dr. Victor Sender Ramón Pons as Toni Charly Bravo as Bruno Alfredo Alba as Román Mendoza Antonio del Real as Mick David Carpenter as Phil Ramón Tejela as Nicola The original Spanish title Una gota de sangre para morir amando translates as A Drop of Blood to Die Loving and the film was theatrically released in France as Le bal du vaudou and in the United States as To Love, Perhaps to Die with the latter title a closer translation of the Spanish.

In the mid-1980s Empire Video released the film on UK VHS as Clockwork Terror in an attempt to sell it as a sequel to A Clockwork Orange and its following British video and DVD releases were titled Murder in a Blue World in reference to the fictional Blue Drink featured in the film. The film takes some cues from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange to the extent that it was released on 1980s UK VHS as Clockwork Terror. Like its inspiration source the film is set in a near-future dystopian world where sadistic gangs attack and steal from innocent people on the streets and in their homes. To elaborate the film plays on the Ludovico Technique of its predecessor as a neo-Fascist government tries to fight these crimes by conducting sinister mind-control experiments on captured criminals; this treatment backfires with bloody results at the end of the film where the treated subjects turn berserk and kill each other. The science fiction aesthetic of the film is more pronounced compared to Kubrick's film with its retro-futuristic setting als

Sandugo (comics)

Sandugo is a Filipino fictional superhero team created by Ner Pedrina. In most incarnations, its roster includes several Filipino characters based on myths and thus many of them are recognizable to the viewing public; the original, line-up is Sandata, Supremo and Sidapa. The team was assisted by Bernardo Karpio known as the Kapampangan God Apu Malyari, who became the first hero to be invited by the four founders; the team soon included Narra, Lam-ang, Anino and reservists Bato and Datu Pag-asa. Created by writer/artist Ner Pedrina, the team first appeared in Handicrapcomix #5. Most team members have distinctly Filipino attributes, such as having Kapampangan or Tagalog heritage. Throughout most of its history, the team has worked with the government to deal with super-powered villains; the team made its debut in Handicrapcomix #5. Although the team hasn't been in publication, Sandugo had its small following due to its internet presence and commissioned fanart from fans and well-known Filipino artists.

In 2007 they were launched in Sanduguan comics. The team has been well received since inception, it was included in the well known website that spotlights other countries characters aside from the big two mainstream publishers of the same genre. The team's concept was loosely based on the sanduguan ritual done by recruited Katipuneros who fought the Spanish occupation in Philippine History as their oath to the movement; the team Sandugo was formed when the Maharlikan god of evil Siginarugan escaped his hundreds of years imprisonment and decided to wreak havoc on the new world. Creating monstrous automatons, he sowed fear and destruction in the mega city of Kalayaan known as Clarkfield in Pampanga. Sandata in his civilian identity was in the area, jumped in to stop the rampaging monsters, he was soon joined by the beautiful Diwata, warned of the event in her sanctorium. Sidapa, the hand of death alarmed by the unscheduled deaths of civilians soon joined to investigate. A mysterious figure saw what was transpiring on television decided to survey the commotion.

The four heroes having difficulty in the battle decided to pool their resources managed to defeat the monster and faced the evil maharlikan. The fight continuous for a length of time until Siginarugan was exhausted due to not being in full power yet, he was buried by a large amount of rubbles thrown from a distance by the mysterious figure. Drained and powerless, the evil dark god escaped retribution; the four seeing the carnage and destruction caused by the battle has decided to band together to prevent similar events from happening. Supremo called the team Sandugo. During their early days, the team operated from Diwata's sanctorium located in Arayat mountain, having access to various mystical means to help them in their cause. Soon, they learned the identity of the mysterious figure who helped them in their first battle with Siginarugan; the mysterious figure was revealed to the legendary strong man of Philippine myths. Soon thereafter, they recruited various heroes to fill their team, they have decided to have an active roster of eight heroes in relation to the number of provinces who waged war against the Spanish regime.

It was at this time that they were able to established their charter and work with the government, helping in extra-special matters that cannot be resolved by the resources of the government. The team Sandugo first appeared in Handicrapcomix #5, February 1998, in which they fought various malignos that crossed-over to the earth realm; this is the team's first meeting with Bato The Agimat Warrior. The initial makeup of Sandugo was pan-Filipino, including: Sandata: Jay Avila is an FMA instructor from Mabalacat, Pampanga who uses techno-magical batons, allowing him to upgrade his abilities. Sandata is sometimes the team leader, wears a costume inspired by the Philippine flag. Diwata: Luzviminda, from Arayat, is a half-breed angkantada. Supremo: Juan dela Cruz is the living personification of the Filipino spirit wielding an enchanted bolo. Sidapa: A former policeman from the line of Macabebe Warriors who became the messenger of death. Bernardo Karpio: first recruit, who claims to be the strongman of the myth who escaped his hundred of years imprisonment.

The team appeared again online in 2003, this time the story was written by Alex Osias, when they were rescuing people kidnapped by Chinese pirates. This issue made first mention of the government-sanctioned team Inc.. A companion was released that details the secret history of the team, the recruits and character profiles; the new additions to the roster included: Narra: The defender of the green. Lam-Ang: The immortal warrior. Anino: The master of the shadows Alamid: The feline warrior. In 2007 due to public demand, Ner Pedrina launched the new series on Komikon where they are in battle with the demi-god Vital and his Acolytes for the "Matang Bathala"; the team were transported to an alternate earth where they team-up with a super-powered group of Philippine revolutionaries against the technological might of the Spaniards. The evil god Siginarugan, once again made an attack to the earth plane with the help of various malignos, they were thwarted by the combined might of Sandugo, Zodiac Force, Bayan Knights and the Pantheon of Philippine Gods.

New additions to the roster includes: Adarna: The fiery goddess. Bato, The Agimat Warrior: The agimat wielding warrior, first honorary member turned regular member. Datu Pag-Asa: The time displaced datu, second honorary member. List of Filipino superheroes List of Filipino supervillains Sanduguan Universe- International Hero: Sanduguan Universe Sanduguan- Sanduguan Comics Gallery Gener Pedriña's Sanduguan- Gener Pedri