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Foreign relations of Seychelles

Seychelles follows a policy of what it describes as "positive" nonalignment and supports the principle of reduced superpower presence in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles government is one of the proponents of the Indian Ocean zone of peace concept and it has promoted an end to the United States presence on Diego Garcia; the country has adopted a pragmatic policy and serves as an important rest and recreation stop for US ships serving in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. Seychelles' foreign policy position has placed it toward the left of the spectrum within the Non-Aligned Movement. Russia, the United Kingdom, India, the People's Republic of China and Cuba maintain embassies in Victoria; the government of the Seychelles withdrew diplomatic recognition of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic on March 17, 2008, according to an official government source. The Seychelles is a member state of the Commonwealth of Nations. List of diplomatic missions in Seychelles List of diplomatic missions of Seychelles

Hard progeny of the North

The phrase "hard progeny of the North" was coined c. 1800 by Gilbert Wakefield, a Unitarian tutor at Warrington Academy. He wrote that "t is observed at Cambridge, is true that the hard progeny of the North, from Cumberland and the remote parts of Yorkshire are the profoundest proficient in mathematics and philosophy." This article collates information and historical scholarship on these progeny of Northern England who flourished between the mid eighteenth and early nineteenth century, with a focus on those who made significant contributions to mathematics and science. It is based on the catalogue of an exhibition first displayed at Lancaster University in 1976 being updated; the "hard progeny" were educated in the region's grammar schools which were small and situated in rural market towns. In an era prior to the dominance of the great public schools, grammar schools were the most important source of entrants to Oxford and Cambridge universities, at least of entrants with serious academic aspirations in north-west England.

Richard Watson was described as: one of'the hard progeny of the North' who were to enrich British science for a century and more. Colin Russell refers to: These men of science, as well as many others, have been called "the hard progeny of the North," and it seems that the inhospitable climate and the rough terrain must have been one factor in promoting a certain toughness of mind, so necessary in the pursuit of science. Richard Watson, mathematician. Thomas Garnett, physician. John Dawson, surgeon and notable tutor of mathematics. Adam Sedgwick, a founder of modern geology. William Whewell [1794-1866), natural and moral philosopher. Richard Owen, comparative anatomist, invented the word "dinosaur". Edward Frankland, pioneering professor of chemistry. William Turner, professor of anatomy and first English Principal of Edinburgh University

Elaine Roulet

Sister Elaine Roulet is a Roman Catholic sister who created programs that connect incarcerated mothers and their children. She was instrumental in the prison reform movement and established the precedent of connecting imprisoned mothers with their babies that many United States prisons now use as a model. Roulet started her work wanting to teach the women inmates of a maximum-security prison in New York how to read. After being inspired to help them with what they wanted, to know where their children were, she created a position that she called prison family liaison and served in that role for 10 years working with the prison and Catholic Charities, she founded Providence House Inc. an organization affiliated with Catholic Charities which manages sites that offer shelter and assistance to battered women and families, homeless women, temporary housing for women released from prison. She initiated became the director of the Children's Center at Bedford Hills Correction Center, a unique program that permitted mothers whose babies were born in prison to keep them for as long as one year.

The Children's center provides a parenting center, a children's playroom, a nursery and infant center to children of inmates. When the center first opened Sister Roulet was sought out by other men's and women's prisons for information on how to create similar programs and soon became a national model for prisons in terms of providing support for mothers and their babies in prison. In 1993, Sister Elaine Roulet was inducted in the National Women's Hall of Fame; the 2011 documentary, "The Mothers of Bedford" features the work of Sister Elaine Roulet. The Fledgling Fund - The Mothers of Bedford The Mothers of Bedford on YouTube Audience Reaction to The Mothers of Bedford on YouTube

Mykonos (song)

Mykonos is the third single from indie folk band Fleet Foxes, from their 2008 EP Sun Giant. It was released in the UK on January 2009, by European label Bella Union; the B-side is a live version of "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" from their debut album. On May 5, 2009, it was released in the U. S. on Seattle-based record label Sub Pop, with the song "False Knight On the Road" in place of "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song". An alternate version of the song, with a track length of 3:39, was released on the deluxe version of their debut album Fleet Foxes. All songs written by Robin Pecknold. UK versionUS version A music video was made for "Mykonos", was directed by Sean Pecknold, singer Robin Pecknold's brother, it is animated and is described by as: "... video imagines a fluid universe filled with triangles and barbershop mustaches. It's a little playful... and a little creepy." It depicts a pair of small origami triangles on an adventure through a world made of paper. They begin and falling downwards, onto various objects and buildings which collapse shortly after.

As this happens, an evil face appears in the background. The triangles find a bird, upon whose back they ride above the clouds, only to fall again and end up in a dark forest filled with long, thin legs walking around, they enter a flying machine, encounter a tall figure, which they push over a cliff, to fall with it, watched by rows of eyes. As the song slows, they continue to fall, into a fortress in which the figures walk along high walkways, it appears to be the home of the face, promptly destroyed by the triangles, who flee the collapsing fortress. The song fades. Billboard magazine said that "the second half of'Mykonos' is salvation for the ears"; the New York Times said of the track that there are moments when "the band members' high, honeyed voices melded into an imperfect swell reminiscent of the kind of church choir John and Alan Lomax might have captured with their 500-pound recording machine." "Mykonos" music video on YouTube Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics

Banco Etcheverría

Banco Etcheverría was a Spanish bank. The family-owned bank was the oldest in the Spanish financial system, the 11th oldest surviving bank in the world, older by over half a century than the Bank of Spain itself, it was founded in Betanzos, A Coruña in 1717 by Juan Etcheverry, a French businessman and tannery owner who had settled in Galicia. His family continued the bank business through generations; the name comes from the Basque surname Etxeberria, meaning "new house". In 1964 it became a sociedad anónima, its current stockholders are all from the Etcheverría family, except the Caixa Galicia savings bank, which bought a 37.12% stake in 2002 for 13.25 million euros. It has offices in all four Galician provinces as well as in Madrid; the bank has specialized in personal wealth management. In December 2012, Venezuela's largest bank, announced it has bought a majority stake in Banco Etcheverría by acquiring the 44.7% owned in the latter by nationalized Spanish bank Novagalicia Banco as well as shares owned by the Etcheverría family.

After Banesco's entry, the following table reflects the voting rights: In 2014, the bank was acquired by NCG Banco

Md Sirat Abu

Datuk Md Sirat Abu is a Malaysian politician and a former Member of the Parliament of Malaysia for the Bukit Katil constituency in the state of Melaka. He is a member of the United Malays National Organisation party in the governing Barisan Nasional coalition. Md Sirat was elected to federal Parliament in the 2008 election, having been nominated by UMNO to contest the seat ahead of its incumbent member Ruddin Ab Ghani, he had earlier served as President of the Melaka Municipal Council and political secretary to the Chief Minister of Melaka, Mohd Ali Rustam. He was dropped from UMNO's list of candidates for the 2013 Malaysian general election in favour of Mohd Ali, seeking to move to the federal parliament. Mohd Ali's move failed. Akin