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Type of site
Owner Forvo Media SL
Commercial Yes[1]
Registration Optional, but required to download MP3s and to add pronunciations
Launched January 2008
Content license
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike is a website that allows access to, and playback of, pronunciation sound clips in many different languages in an attempt to facilitate the learning of languages. was first envisioned in 2007 by co-founder Israel Rondón,[2] and came to fruition in 2008. is owned by Forvo Media SL, based in San Sebastián, Spain. Forvo's 'About'-page states Forvo to be the largest pronunciation guide website on the Internet.[3] It has been listed in the 50 best websites of 2013 by Time.[4]

All sound clips on are created by its users, who also have the power to vote on each clip, positively or negatively, in an effort to ensure that the highest quality sound clips have priority in the site's listings. The pronunciations are also reviewed and edited by a volunteer team of editors.[5]

Forvo has an API[6] to share its pronunciation with other websites.

Recommendations for adding words[edit]

Forvo just encourages adding simple words but there are some exceptions that can be clearly found in their recommendations and policy.[7]


  1. ^ Forvo's About page says "Headed by Félix Vela ... I love working at a startup". That implies Forvo is a startup commercial company. Currently they appear to be making money off the iPhone app and website advertising. The site nowhere says it's non-profit, just that the content is CC-licensed.
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