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Fibria Celulose is a Brazilian pulp and paper company, created by a merger between Aracruz Celulose and Votorantim Celulose e Papel. The company has a production capacity exceeding six million tons of pulp and paper produced in seven factories distributed in five Brazilian states. Much of this production is exported; the company has many distributor centers around the world and five branch offices in São Paulo, Csomád - Hungary, Hong Kong and Nyon, Switzerland. Fibria participates in one joint-venture in Brazil, Veracel is the company which shares with Finnish Stora Enso Fibria will be able to produce additional 6.7 million tons of pulp per year, when expansion projects planned before the merger are accomplished. The company's main competitors are the Chileans CMPC and Arauco. Votorantim Celulose e Papel Fibria Celulose

Faten Kallel

Faten Kallel, is a Tunisian politician who serves as the Secretary of State, Ministry of Youth and Sports since 27 August 2016. She is a member of the political party Afek Tounes. Faten Kallel holds a master's degree in accounting from IHEC Carthage and an MBA from the University of Paris-Dauphine. Faten is a management consultant, she worked for several consulting firms in Tunisia such as Grant Deloitte. She joined the Ministry of Development and International Cooperation in February 2015 and she worked as a responsible for the organization and administrative reforms. After that, Faten joined the program Smart Tunisia. On August 20, 2016, after the appointment of Youssef Chahed as Head of Government, she was appointed Secretary of State to the Ministry of Youth and Sports as a responsible for Youth. Kallel was named early 2017 by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leaders

Berlin Calling (2014 film)

Berlin Calling is a 2014 documentary film starring Kastle Waserman and Benjamin Waserman. Written by Nigel Dick and Kastle Waserman, directed by Nigel Dick; the film follows American punk fan Kastle Waserman as she journeys to Berlin, Paris and Theresienstadt to unearth the details of her father's time in Hitler's Germany and his time in Theresienstadt concentration camp. The film concludes with a return visit to Berlin during which Benjamin Waserman meets Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit. Kastle Waserman as herself Benjamin Waserman as himself John Waserman as himself Klaus Wowereit as himself The film was made over a period of seven years and was shot in California, France and the Czech Republic; the film was released on DVD on April 7th 2015 and its digital release was on April 17th 2015. The film was awarded a Gold REMI award at the WorldFest Houston International Films Awards in April 2014 and was an Official Selection at the Hartford Jewish Film Festival in March 2015 and the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival in April 2015.

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Eternal Lands

Eternal Lands is a free, online role-playing game created by Radu Privantu in 2002. A pre-alpha version was made public on February 13, 2003; the game client is written in C using OpenGL and SDL. The setting is a medieval fantasy world. There are historic elements, such as medieval architecture and weaponry, along with fictional elements such as other humanoid races and magic, it is made of up two main continents on the world of Draia: Irilion. Seridia is the first continent, the place in which new players spawn, it consists of 14 main maps, seven storages, two main PK maps, the only spot to find the Wraith, who can provide various benefits to players in exchange for "pickpoints". Players begin play by selecting the race and appearance of their character. Skills and alignments are automatically given initial values. There are six races available: Humans, dwarves, gnomes and Draegoni; the last three races are pay-to-play races. Eternal Lands does not have fixed character classes, it is possible for any player to improve any of the 12 skills in the game.

A computer with a 3D-accelerated graphics card and an internet connection is needed to play Eternal Lands. Eternal Lands supports the Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X operating systems and the X86, X86_64, IA64 and PowerPC architectures. An Android version is available, so the game can be run on all Android devices such as smart phones, TV Android boxes, so on; the software download is free. In-game activities include exploring the 39 different outside maps, socializing with other players, player killing, improving skills by fighting, gathering resources and creating items. All skills increase the "overall" experience, rewarding players with "pickpoints", with which they can further build their characters; the productive skills are called alchemy, engineering, potion making, tailoring. The items can be created by inserting certain materials into the manufacturing window and attempting to mix them. If mixing fails, the materials may be lost. Success chance is defined by the item's level.

If the player succeeds, the item appears in their inventory and they will receive experience. Harvesting involves the gathering of resources, such as flowers and ores; these items can be sold to NPCs or other players. Harvesting some materials requires different tools. Fighting is broken into attack and defense skills, which the player can improve by fighting monsters or players. For every successful hit landed on the opponent, attack experience is gained, dodging a hit gives defense experience; the amount of experience is determined by the level differences between the fighting players. It is possible to fight with the magic and summoning skills. Ranging experience is obtained by hitting opponent with an arrow or bolt shot with one of the five different bows or crossbows. Summoning experience is obtained by summoning a creature and magic experience by casting spells. Both summons and spells require certain materials. On the main Eternal Lands server, there are only a few select areas where players can attack one another, so that players don't have to engage in player versus player combat if they don't want to.

However, there is a pay-to-play PK server which allows for players to fight each other nearly anywhere. It has been out for quite some time now but is still not populated; the game client may be developed by anyone. However, the license does require modified clients to be approved by administrators before it is possible to connect with the main servers. For testing purposes, there is a test server; the content is released under a proprietary license which allows redistribution and commercialization only in context of Eternal Lands. Eternal Lands official website

Liparis angustilabris

Liparis angustilabris known as the twisted sphinx orchid, is a plant in the orchid family and is endemic to northern Queensland. It is an epiphytic or lithophytic orchid with tapered pseudobulbs, each with a single linear leaf and up to thirty five pale green to yellowish flowers that have twisted sepals and petals; this orchid grows on rocks in tropical North Queensland. Liparis angustilabris is an epiphytic or lithophytic herb with crowded, tapered pseudobulbs 300–600 mm, about 20 mm wide and covered with leaf like bracts when young; each pseudobulb has a single linear leaf 150 -- 10 -- 15 mm wide. Between fifteen and thirty five pale green to yellowish flowers, 6–8 mm long and 2–3 mm wide are borne on an arching flowering stem 150–250 mm long; the sepals and petals curve backwards towards the ovary and are about 5–6 mm long and about 2 mm wide. The labellum about 3 mm wide with two ridges on its midline. Flowering occurs between July; the twisted sphinx orchid was first formally described in 1864 by Ferdinand von Mueller who gave it the name Sturmia angustilabris and published the description in Fragmenta phytographiae Australiae.

The description was based on a collection made by John Dallachy near Rockingham Bay. In 1978, Donald Blaxell changed the name to Liparis angustilabris; the specific epithet is derived from the Latin word angustus meaning "narrow" and labrum meaning "lip". Liparis angustilabris grows on trees and rocks in rainforest above 800 m rainforest between the Cedar Bay and Paluma Range National Parks