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Francis Alphonse Capell
Frank A. Capell.jpg
Born (1907-05-08)May 8, 1907
Washington Heights
New York City
Died October 18, 1980(1980-10-18) (aged 73)
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Occupation Author, pamphleteer, essayist
Spouse(s) Adele Irene Neighbor
Parent(s) Anthony Capelli
Caroline Louisa Brantigam

Francis Alphonse Capell (May 8, 1907 – October 18, 1980), was a conservative, anticommunist author, and essayist. He was the publisher of the newsletter Herald of Freedom in Zarephath, New Jersey.[1][2][3][4] He was one of the first writers to speculate on the Robert F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe trysts.[5][6][7] Robert F. Kennedy, then the Attorney General, had Capell's telephone tapped.[8]


He was born on May 8, 1907 in Washington Heights in New York City to Anthony Capelli and Caroline Louisa Brantigam.[9] He married in 1935 and had one daughter. He remarried in 1948 to Adele Irene Neighbor and they raised seven sons. He founded The Capell Employment Agency, which had five offices in New York City.[10][11] In 1943, while an investigator for the War Production Board, Capell was fined $2,000 for "agreeing to take a $1,000 gratuity from a clothing manufacturer."[2][12][13][14] In 1964, when Thomas Kuchel was campaigning against Barry Goldwater, there circulated a "vicious document" that purported to be an affidavit signed by a Los Angeles Police Department officer saying that in 1949 he had arrested Kuchel. The document said the arrest was for drunkenness while Kuchel had been in the midst of a sex act. Capell was indicted for the libel, along with Norman H. Krause, a bar owner and ex-Los Angeles policeman, who in 1950 did arrest two people who worked in Kuchel's office for drunkenness — Jack Clemmons, a Los Angeles police sergeant until his resignation two weeks before his arrest; and John F. Fergus, a public relations man for Eversharp, Inc., who was charged in 1947 with possession of a concealed weapon and given a suspended sentence.[2][15][16]

A lifelong heavy smoker, Capell died from lung cancer on October 18, 1980 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.[17] He was buried in Somerset Hills Cemetery in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.[10]

Herald of Freedom publications[edit]

Christian Nationalist Crusade publications[edit]

He authored several pamphlets and essays for the Christian Nationalist Crusade:


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