Franz Werner von Tamm

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Still life with a musk melon, National Museum in Warsaw

Franz Werner von Tamm (1658–1724) was a German Baroque painter who travelled to and worked in Italy.


Von Tamm was born in Hamburg. According to Houbraken, who called him Joano Vernero Tam in a poem about the members of the Bentvueghels, he joined the Bent with the name "Dapper" and was a good flower painter.[1]

His nickname was "Dapper" or "Aprêt". He was influenced by David de Coninck and became the teacher of Pietro Navarra.[2] He was in Rome in the years 1685-1695 and is known for still lifes of flowers and hunting pieces.[2] In 1702 he was in Passau and then he moved to Vienna.[2]

He was trained in the studio of Carlo Maratta in Rome.[3] He was invited to Vienna to be a court painter, and remained there until his death.


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