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Frederick Attock [1] (10 February 1846 – 21 May 1902)[2] was the first president of Newton Heath L&YR F.C. (later Manchester United F.C.). He was born in Liverpool, but moved via Essex to Manchester, where he became the superintendent engineer of the carriage and wagon works of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway's Newton Heath depot.[3]

Newton Heath L&YR Football Club was established in 1878 by members of the dining room committee at the carriage and wagon works,[4] and Attock was appointed as the club's president soon after.[5] As his vice-presidents, the club appointed local MPs Arthur Balfour (who later became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1902 to 1905), Charles Ernest Schwann and James Majoron, and the editor of the Manchester Guardian, Charles Prestwich Scott.[6] The club set up its offices at the Shears Hotel on Oldham Road, before moving to new premises at 33 Oldham Road in 1892.[7] Attock was replaced as club president by T. Connolly in 1891.[citation needed]


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