French Formula Three Championship

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French Formula Three Championship
Category Single-seaters
Country France France
Inaugural season 1964
Folded 2002
Last Drivers' champion France Tristan Gommendy
Last Teams' champion France ASM Formule 3

The French Formula Three Championship was a motor racing series for Formula Three cars held in France between 1964 and 2002. The series merged with the German Formula Three Championship in 2003 to form the Formula 3 Euro Series.


Season Driver Team Car
1964 France Henri Grandsire Automobiles Alpine Alpine-Renault A 270
1965 France Jean-Pierre Beltoise Matra Sports Matra-Ford MS5
1966 France Johnny Servoz-Gavin Matra Sports Matra-Ford MS5
1967 France Henri Pescarolo Matra Sports Matra-Ford MS5
1968 France François Cevert Volant Shell Tecno-Ford 68
1969 France François Mazet Volant Shell/Lotus Components Tecno-Ford 69/Lotus-Ford 59
1970 France Jean-Pierre Jaussaud Volant Shell/Winfield Tecno-Ford/Martini-Ford MK5
1971 France Patrick Depailler Automobiles Alpine Alpine-Renault A360
1972 France Michel Leclère Automobiles Alpine Alpine-Renault A364
1973 France Jacques Laffite Oreca Martini-Ford MK12
not held between 1974 and 1977
1978 France Alain Prost Oreca Martini-Renault MK21B
France Jean-Louis Schlesser Chevron-Toyota B38
1979 France Alain Prost Oreca Martini-Renault MK27
1980 France Alain Ferté Oreca Martini-Renault MK27/31
1981 France Philippe Streiff Motul Nogaro Martini-Alfa Romeo MK34
1982 France Pierre Petit David Price Racing Ralt-Toyota RT3/Ralt-VW RT3
1983 France Michel Ferté Oreca Martini-Alfa Romeo MK39
1984 France Olivier Grouillard Oreca Martini-Alfa Romeo MK42
1985 France Pierre-Henri Raphanel Oreca Martini-Alfa Romeo MK45
1986 France Yannick Dalmas Oreca Martini-VW MK49
1987 France Jean Alesi Oreca Martini-Alfa Romeo MK52/
Dallara-Alfa Romeo 386/Dallara-Alfa Romeo 387
1988 France Érik Comas Oreca Dallara-Alfa Romeo 388
1989 France Jean-Marc Gounon Oreca Reynard-Alfa Romeo 893
1990 France Éric Hélary Formula Project Reynard-Honda 903/Ralt-Honda RT34
1991 France Christophe Bouchut Graff Racing Ralt-VW RT33
1992 France Franck Lagorce Promatecme Dallara-Opel 392
1993 France Didier Cottaz Formula Project Equipe Dallara-Fiat 393
1994 France Jean-Philippe Belloc Winfield Dallara-Fiat 393
1995 France Laurent Redon Promatecme Dallara-Fiat 394
1996 France Soheil Ayari Graff Racing Dallara-Opel 396
1997 France Patrice Gay Graff Racing Dallara-Opel 396
1998 Belgium David Saelens ASM Formule 3 Dallara-Renault 396
1999 France Sébastien Bourdais La Filiere Martini-Opel MK79
2000 France Jonathan Cochet Signature Dallara-Renault 399
2001 Japan Ryo Fukuda Saulnier Racing Dallara-Renault 399
2002 France Tristan Gommendy ASM Formule 3 Dallara-Renault 302


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