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French 1 Rupee, 1938

The roupie or rupee was the currency of French India. It was equal to the Indian rupee issued by the British and then Indian governments; until 1871 it was issued as coins with the roupie divided into 8 fanons, each of 3 doudous or 20 cash. From 1871, banknotes were issued by France's Banque de l'Indochine, which circulated alongside coins issued by British India.

Table of 1843 exchange rates[edit]

Pagodes Roupies Fanons
1 3.5 28 560 8.40
1 8 160 2.40
1 20 0.30
1 0.015

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  • Annuaire statistique des établissements français dans l'Inde By Pierre-Constant Sicé, 1843.

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