French is Fun

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French is Fun
Publisher(s)CDS Micro Systems
Platform(s)ZX Spectrum
Release1983; 35 years ago (1983)

French is Fun is an educational tool for the ZX Spectrum developed and released by CDS Micro Systems in 1983.

The game[edit]


Critical response[edit]

Reviews can be found in the following magazines....

Sinclair User "The test consists of filling in the word required, with the computer accepting only the letters it is expecting. Unfortunately, the computer's spelling of French is not entirely reliable and some of the words in its vocabulary are unusual, to say the least. These are faults in what might otherwise have been an entertaining and instructive program"[1]

Crash "The program contains a lot of quite attractive graphics, some with simple animations, and it will obviously be valuable for young French beginners as well as adult starters. It won't however, do much for your pronunciation!" [2]


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