French presidential election, 1958

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French presidential election, 1958

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  Charles de Gaulle-1963.jpg Georges Marrane.jpg Albert-Chatelet.png
Candidate Charles de Gaulle Georges Marrane Albert Châtelet
Party UNR PCF Independent
Electoral vote 62,394 10,355 6,721
Percentage 78.51% 13.03% 8.43%

President before election

René Coty

Elected President

Charles de Gaulle

The French presidential election of 1958, the first of the French Fifth Republic, took place on 21 December 1958. This was the only French presidential election by the electoral college (gathering the members of the French Parliament, the Conseils Généraux, the overseas assemblies, and tens of thousands of mayors, deputy mayors and city council members). To win, a candidate needed to have 50% of the votes cast in his favour. This system was used only for this election, and was changed in the 1962 referendum in time for the 1965 presidential election.


e • d Summary of the 21 December 1958 French presidential election result
Candidates Parties 1st round
Votes %
Charles de Gaulle Union for the New Republic UNR 62,394 78.51%
Georges Marrane French Communist Party PCF 10,355 12.99%
Albert Châtelet Union of the Democratic Forces UFD 6,721 8.43%
Total 79,470 100%
Valid votes 79,470 97.76%
Spoilt and null votes 1,820 2.24%
Turnout 81,290 99.42%
Abstentions 474 0.58%
Registered voters 81,764
Table of results ordered by number of votes received in first round. Official results by Constitutional Council of France.

Source: List of candidates · First round result