French ship Charlemagne (1852)

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Charlemagne img-2.jpg
Civil and Naval Ensign of France.svgFrance
Name: Charlemagne
Namesake: Charlemagne
Acquired: 1843
Commissioned: 1852
General characteristics
Type: Ship of the line
Armament: 80 guns

Charlemagne was an 80-gun French ship of the line commissioned in 1852. The ship was in the Mediterranean Sea in 1852.[1] The ship was sent by Napoleon III to the Black Sea as a show of force in violation of the London Straits Convention just prior to the Crimean War.[2]

The 'Charlemagne', with 'HMS Trafalgar' leaving Port Mahon under tow by 'HMS Firebrand', 1 June 1852


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