Frequent Death

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Frequent Death
Fréquence meurtre (1988 film).jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Élisabeth Rappeneau
Produced by Danièle Delorme
Yves Robert
Written by Jacques Audiard
Élisabeth Rappeneau[1]
Based on When the Dark Man Calls
by Stuart M. Kaminsky
Starring Catherine Deneuve
André Dussollier
Martin Lamotte
Music by Philippe Gall
Cinematography William Lubtchansky
Edited by Martine Barraqué
Les Productions de la Guéville
Acteurs Auteurs Associés
Distributed by Acteurs Auteurs Associés
Release date
30 March 1988
Running time
103 minutes
Country France
Language French
Box office $3.6 million[2]

Frequent Death (original title: Fréquence meurtre) is a 1988 French crime film directed by Élisabeth Rappeneau. It is based on Stuart M. Kaminsky's 1983 novel When the Dark Man Calls.[3][4]


Jeanne Quester is a single mother. As a certified psychologist she works two jobs. During daytime she does social work but at night she is a radio personality who provides live advice for needy callers. Due to the success of her radio show she receives the offer to work for TV.

Suddenly she is menaced by alienating, enigmatic calls whenever she is on air. Moreover a stranger manages to secretly access her flat and when Jeanne returns there she finds her daughter's parrot killed. Little later she discovers somebody has attacked her car. Jeanne turns to her brother Frank, who is a policeman. Frank finds out that the convicted murderer of their parents was released just recently. Jeanne is afraid the murderer is out for vengeance.

Eventually she finds the alleged murderer himself brutally killed in her flat. Even so, the more and more openly threatening calls continue and finally her daughter gets kidnapped by the mysterious caller. Jeanne meets the kidnapper who turns out being the real murderer of her parents. He discloses his identity and tells her what really happened back then. When Jeanne can't comply with his demands, he decides to kill her.



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