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Freshwater National Park

Freshwater is a national park in Queensland, Australia, 34 km north of Brisbane. The park is west of Redcliffe, near Deception Bay, within Caboolture Shire; the park's vegetation is a remnant of the Open Sclerophyll Woodland, once common in this area. The dominant trees are Eucalyptus species, notably scribbly gum - Eucalyptus racemosa with smooth white trunks, some Angophora species, while the shrub layer varies from an Open Heath area dominated by low grasstrees in the south of the park, to dense Casuarina stands, small swampy areas with paperbark trees. A small creek runs through the north end of the park. Sighted in the Open Heath area are low growing plants such as the fringed lilly Thysanotus tuberosus, tall sundew Drosera peltata, a carnivorous plant, flat-stemmed cord rush Eurychorda complanata and Wallum grevillea Grevillea leiophylla, a delicate pink flowered grevillea growing to only about 30 cm; this is only a small selection of the numerous beautiful plants to be found in this park.

This park is one of the few protected places of Open Woodland/Low Heathland in the area. Much of this type of vegetation has been cleared for development. Though small, surrounded by development, roads and a highway, the park is rich with wildlife. In spring it teams with birds, most noticeable being the many species of honeyeaters. Australian fairywrens such as the beautiful blue variegated fairywren and the brilliant red and black red-backed fairywren both occur here. In a large old gum tree wedge-tailed eagles have made a nest, the adults are seen soaring over the park. Calls from white-throated gerygones, spangled drongos and rainbow bee-eaters make a pleasant background sound in the park; the invertebrate fauna is rich, with many species of dragonflies and damselflies being quite obvious in summer. The magnificent large dragonfly Hemianax papuensis hawks through the park all year long, while in summer the beautiful Rhyothemis graphiptera, with wings barred with glistening dark purple, waft along the tracks, deep red Diplacodes bipunctata males sun themselves on twigs low to the ground.

Protected areas of Queensland

Raymond James Pettine

Raymond James Pettine was a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island. Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Pettine received a Bachelor of Laws from Boston University School of Law in 1937 and a Master of Laws from the same institution in 1940, he was in the United States Army during World War II, from 1941 to 1946, thereafter remaining in the United States Army Reserve until 1966. He was in private practice in Providence from 1946 to 1961, he was special counsel to the State Attorney General of Rhode Island from 1948 to 1952. He was an assistant state attorney general of Rhode Island from 1952 to 1961, he was the United States Attorney for the District of Rhode Island from 1961 to 1966. On June 13, 1966, Pettine was nominated by President Lyndon B. Johnson to a new seat on the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island created by 80 Stat. 75. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 29, 1966, received his commission the same day.

He served as Chief Judge from 1971 to 1982, assuming senior status on July 6, 1982. Pettine served in that capacity until his death on November 17, 2003, in Texas. Raymond James Pettine at the Biographical Directory of Federal Judges, a public domain publication of the Federal Judicial Center

ABC Bank (Uganda)

ABC Bank, whose full name is ABC Capital Bank Uganda Limited, is a commercial bank in Uganda and licensed by the Bank of Uganda, the central bank and national banking regulator. The bank provides banking services to large corporations, small-to-medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals; as of December 2018, the bank's total assets were valued at about UGX:61.67 billion, with shareholders' equity of about UGX:28.837 billion. ABC Capital Bank was founded in 1992 as Capital Finance Corporation Limited, a Tier III Ugandan Financial Institution, under the licensure and supervision of the Bank of Uganda. In 1999, CFCL established CFC Forex Bureau. In 2008, CFCL signed a memorandum of understanding with ABC Bank, identifying the Kenyan institution as a strategic investor in CFCL in the latter's efforts to transform into a commercial bank. On 26 February 2010, following the acquisition of a commercial banking license from the Bank of Uganda, CFCL rebranded as ABC Capital Bank. ABC Bank is an investor in ABC Bank.

As of September 2019, the shareholding in ABC Capital Bank, is summarized in the table below: As of October 2019, ABC Bank maintained networked branches at the following locations: Main Branch - Colline House, 4C Pilkington Road, Luwum Street Branch - Pioneer Mansion, 11 Luwum Street, Kikuubo Branch - Fami Plaza, 21 Nakivubo Road, Kampala. List of banks in Uganda Banking in Uganda Official website ABC Bank Website Bank of Uganda Homepage ABC Bank Goes To Uganda

Diane Ackerman

Diane Ackerman is an American poet and naturalist known for her wide-ranging curiosity and poetic explorations of the natural world. Ackerman received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts and Ph. D. from Cornell University. Among the members of her dissertation committee was Carl Sagan, an astronomer and the creator of the Cosmos television series, she has taught at a number including Columbia and Cornell. Her essays have appeared in The New York Times, Parade, The New Yorker, National Geographic, many other journals, her research has taken her to such diverse locales as Mata Atlantic in Brazil, Hawaii, French Frigate Shoals, Japan, the Amazon rainforest, Antarctica. In 1986, she was a semi-finalist for NASA's Journalist-in-Space Project—this program was cancelled after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. A molecule has been named after her—dianeackerone—a crocodilian sex pheromone. A collection of her manuscripts and papers is housed at the Cornell University Library.

Her works of nonfiction include, most The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us, which celebrates nature, human ingenuity, explores how we've become the dominant force of change on the planet. Her poetry has been published in leading literary journals, in collections, including Jaguar of Sweet Laughter: New and Selected Poems, her first book of poetry, The Planets, A Cosmic Pastoral was gifted by Carl Sagan to Timothy Leary while Leary was imprisoned. Her verse play, Reverse Thunder, celebrates the passionate and tragic life of the 17th century nun, fellow poet and naturalist, Juana Inés de la Cruz. Ackerman writes nature books for children. A movie adaptation of Ackerman's book, The Zookeeper's Wife, starring Jessica Chastain as Antonina Żabińska, was released in the US on March 31, 2017. More photos of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of The Zookeeper's Wife may be seen at the website called "The House Under the Crazy Star". In 1995, Ackerman hosted a five-part Nova miniseries, Mystery of the Senses, based on her book, A Natural History of the Senses.

On Extended Wings was adapted for the stage by Norma Jean Giffin, was performed at the William Redfield Theater in New York City. A musical adaptation of her dramatic poem, Reverse Thunder, was performed at Old Dominion University. In 2015, Ackerman's The Human Age won the National Outdoor Book Award in the Natural History Literature category and PEN New England's Henry David Thoreau Prize for nature writing. In 2012, she was a finalist for both a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Critics Circle Award for One Hundred Names for Love; the Zookeeper's Wife received an Orion Book Award in 2008. She has received a D. Lit from Kenyon College, Guggenheim Fellowship, John Burroughs Nature Award, Lavan Poetry Prize, has been honored as a Literary Lion of the New York Public Library. Ackerman has had three New York Times bestsellers: The Human Age, The Zookeeper's Wife, A Natural History of the Senses, she is a Fellow of the New York Institute for the Humanities. Ackerman was married to the novelist Paul West.

She lives in New York. The Planets: A Cosmic Pastoral Wife of Light Lady Faustus Reverse Thunder Jaguar of Sweet Laughter: New and Selected Poems ISBN 9780307763389 I Praise My Destroyer ISBN 9780307763372 Origami Bridges ’’Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall’’ Twilight of the Tenderfoot On Extended Wings A Natural History of the Senses ISBN 9780307763310 The Moon by Whale Light, Other Adventures Among Bats and Crocodilains and Whales A Natural History of Love ISBN 9780307763327 The Rarest of the Rare A Slender Thread ISBN 9780307763365 Deep Play ISBN 9780307763334 Cultivating Delight An Alchemy of Mind: The Marvel and Mystery of the Brain The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story ISBN 9780393069358 Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day One Hundred Names for Love: A Stroke, a Marriage, the Language of Healing ISBN 9780393341744 The Human Age: The World Shaped By Us ISBN 9781443423014 Monk Seal Hideaway Bats: Shadows in the Night Animal Sense, illustrated by Peter Sis. ISBN 9780375923845 Diane Ackerman Official Website @dianesackerman on Twitter Diane Ackerman on Facebook Diane Ackerman Op-Eds The New York Times Appearances on C-SPAN


The Kanisfluh is a isolated massif in the central Bregenz Forest Mountains between the municipalities Mellau and Au. The Kanisfluh is considered the most famous mountain and landmark of the Bregenz Forest, Austria. Viewed from the North, the prominent cliff face of the Kanisfluh dominates the valley of Schnepfau and Bregenzer Ach, while the grassy south slopes decline more gently; the highest peak is the "Holenke" at an elevation of 2,044 metres AA, which can be climbed via a comfortable mountain trail. Other peaks are the "Hoher Stoß", the "Runder Kopf" and the "Sonnenspitze". No trails lead to these, reaching them requires advanced mountaineering abilities. In the current Alpine Club Guide by Dieter Seibert as well as the preceding version by Walther Flaig, there Damülser Berge und Kanisfluh, in the SOIUSA classification by Marizzi the Kanisfluh is assigned to the group of the Damülser Berge, because they form a common ridge; the Gebirgsgruppengliederung für das österreichische Höhlenverzeichnis by Trimmel has the Kanisfluh as a independent group due to its geological discreteness.

It is delineated by: in the North and East Bregenzer Ach up to Au towards the Östliches Bregenzerwaldgebirge in the South Argenbach to Argenzipfel towards Zitterklapfen group of the Lechquellen Mountains in the West Argenzipfel ditch and trail to the Obere Alp – saddle of the connecting range to Klippern – trail to Wurzachalpe – trail and ditch to Hofstetten inn – Bregenzer Ach near Mellau, towards Mittagsspitzgruppe, the Damülser Berge in the narrow sense The Kanisfluh is a typical lime massif, though is not part of the thrust sheet system of the Northern Limestone Alps, but is rather formed from the Jurassic lime of the Helveticum, more related to the Franco-Swiss Jura Mountains than to the Wetterstein or Dachstein Formation lime of the eastern alps. From 2010 to 2012 a statue of the Horizon Field project by Antony Gormley stood below the summit of the Holenke. In 1340 the designation "Kalendis" is used in a name known from Grisons; the name "Fluh" is the Allemannic word for "cliff" and refers to the steep rock face on the North side.

In contrast, a legend talks about an immigrant called Canisio from the Swiss canton Valais around the time of 1400. Before he could fetch his bride from his old homeland, she had died there and in sad remembrance he brought several plants of Edelweiss from her grave and planted them on the slopes of the Holenke. Kanisfluh is derived from the name Canisio; the Rüf company has plans to mine gravel at the foot of the Kanisfluh. Gravel mining does not present a problem for state geologist Eva Vigl, as one would only scratch the surface and the Kansisfluh would not become destabilized; the municipality of Schnepfau, wants to prevent the mining of 800,000 m³ of stone over the next 30 years. The state authority is reviewing. In the discussion about the gravel mining at the foot of the Kanisfluh, the Greens argue for putting the Kanisfluh under large-sacel nature preservation. An intervention like the gravel mining would be a permanent wound in the natural scenery and is therefore impermissible. In addition, the Kanisfluh is the asset for the tourism in the Bregenz Forest.

Legend of the Wirmsäule, The ghost on the Kanisfluh,

Even the Strong Get Lonely

The Strong Get Lonely is the twenty-fifth studio album by American country music singer-songwriter Tammy Wynette. It was released on June 1983, by Epic Records; the album peaked at No. 66 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. The album's first single, "Unwed Fathers", second single, "Still in the Ring", both peaked at No. 63 on the Billboard Country Singles chart. Adapted from the album liner notes. David Briggs - keyboards Mike Douchette - acoustic guitar, harmonica Mike Leech - bass Farrell Morris - percussion Weldon Myrick - steel guitar The Nashville String Machine - strings George Richey - producer Jerry Stembridge - acoustic guitar James Stroud - drums Pete Wade - lead guitar D. Bergen White - spring arrangements Hank Williams - mastering Tommy Williams - fiddle Tammy Wynette - lead vocals