Frischauf Lodge at Okrešelj

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Frischauf Lodge at Okrešelj
(Frischaufov dom na Okrešlju)
Frischauf Lodge at Okrešelj is located in Slovenia
Frischauf Lodge at Okrešelj
Frischauf Lodge at Okrešelj
Highest point
Elevation 1,378 m (4,521 ft)
Coordinates 46°22′14.880″N 14°35′28.680″E / 46.37080000°N 14.59130000°E / 46.37080000; 14.59130000Coordinates: 46°22′14.880″N 14°35′28.680″E / 46.37080000°N 14.59130000°E / 46.37080000; 14.59130000
Location Slovenia
Parent range Kamnik–Savinja Alps

The Frischauf Lodge at Okrešelj (Slovene: Frischaufov dom na Okrešlju; 1,378 meters or 4,521 feet) is a mountain lodge that stands above the Logar Valley in northern Slovenia. It is surrounded by the following peaks: Cold Mountain (Mrzla gora), Styria Mount Rinka (Štajerska Rinka), Carinthia Mount Rinka (Koroška Rinka), and Mount Turska (Turska gora). Nearby is 80-meter (260 ft) Rinka Falls. The lodge is named after Johannes Frischauf, and the first lodge was built in 1876 by an Austro-German hiking club. In 1907 it was destroyed by an avalanche and rebuilt again in 1908. In 1991 it was expanded and modernized.

Starting points[edit]

Neighbouring lodges[edit]

  • 1½h : to the Kamnik Saddle Lodge (Koča na Kamniškem sedlu; 1864)
  • 5½h : to the Zois Lodge at Kokra Saddle (Cojzova koča na Kokrskem sedlu; 1,793 m or 5,883 ft)), via Turski Žleb Ravine and the Sleme Pass
  • 4h: to the Kranj Lodge at Ledine (Kranjska koča na Ledinah; 1,700 m or 5,600 ft), via Savinja Saddle (Savinjsko sedlo)

Neighbouring mountains[edit]

  • 2½h: Brana (2,252 m or 7,388 ft)
  • 3½h: Carniola Mount Rinka (Kranjska Rinka; 2,453 m or 8,048 ft)
  • 3½h: Cross (Križ; 2,433 m or 7,982 ft)
  • 3½h: Cold Mountain (Mrzla gora, 2,203 m or 7,228 ft)
  • 4h: Skuta (2,532 m or 8,307 ft)
  • 3½h: Styria Mount Rinka (Štajerska Rinka; 2,289 m or 7,510 ft)
  • 2h: Mount Turska (2,251 m or 7,385 ft)

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