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Gålå is a Norwegian resort in the district of Gudbrandsdalen, catering for both winter and summer leisure activities. It is situated on the Peer Gynt trail, a ~100km cross-country tourist road.

The name[edit]

The resort is named after the old mountain farm Gålå. The mountain farm is named after the lake Gålå (Gålåvatnet 'Gålå lake') - and the lake is named after the river Golo. The Norse form of the river name was probably *Gola - and is then derived from the verb gola 'howl, yell, scream'. (The river has a steep fall, and makes a lot of noise.)

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Coordinates: 61°30′N 9°48′E / 61.500°N 9.800°E / 61.500; 9.800