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Rolf Göran Lennmarker (born 7 December 1943 in Norberg, Västmanland County) is a Swedish moderate politician who has been a member of the Riksdag from 1991 to 2010.[1] From 2006 until 2010 he was the Chair of the Riksdag's Committee on Foreign Affairs; in 2006 he briefly also was Chair of the Committee on EU Affairs.

He is the Chairman of SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)'s Governing Board[2] and the chairman of the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation.[3]

He has been a member of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly since 1995, he was elected President of the Assembly in 2006[4] and in 2007 and nominated President Emeritus in 2008. Lennmarker has also acted as the Assembly's Special Representative on the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict and on the conflicts on Georgia.[5]

Former Positions[edit]

Lennmarker served as a NATO Parliamentary Assembly observer from 1993 to 2002. Then from 2002 to 2003, he served as a member of the EU Convention on the Future of Europe,[6] he chaired the Swedish Defence Commission in 2007.

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