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G-Nome Project
G-Nome Project in Philly.jpg
G-Nome Project photographed outside of the Circle Thrift store in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia
Background information
Origin Jerusalem, Israel
Genres Livetronica, electro funk, psytrance
Years active 2012 (2012)–present
Associated acts Hamakor
Website g-nomeproject.net
Members Eyal Salomon
Zechariah Reich
Shlomo Langer
Eli Schabes
Past members Yakir Hyman
Chemy Soibelman

G-Nome Project is an American-Israeli livetronica group formed in Jerusalem in 2012.


The band was formed in November 2012 in Jerusalem. Guitarist Yakir Hyman and bassist Zechariah Reich grew up together in Teaneck, New Jersey, and played their first concert together at Teaneck High School with Jon Shiffman of Steel Train.[1] Chemy Soibelman was the original drummer for the New York pop punk band The Groggers, performing on their debut album, There's No 'I' in Cherem. Hyman and Reich are both former members of the Israeli rock band Hamakor, with whom Soibelman and Langer occasionally played until their disbandment in 2015.

In 2014, the band used Indiegogo to fund their first American tour, the eleven-city Giving Tour, during which the band alternated nightly performances with charitable acts such as visiting nursing homes and volunteering at soup kitchens.[1]

They have performed at the Great North Music and Arts Festival in Norridgewock, Maine every year since 2014, performing alongside GRiZ and David Tipper in 2014,[2] Reggie Watts, Lettuce, and Joe Russo's Almost Dead in 2015,[3][4] The Disco Biscuits and Cut Chemist in 2016,[5] and Lotus (American band) in 2017.[5]

In the winter of 2016, G-Nome Project announced on their facebook page that founding member and guitarist Yakir Hyman was leaving the band and being replaced by Shlomo Langer, an Israeli guitar player from Jerusalem.[6] The band's 2016 Get Toasty Tour was Yakir's last U.S. tour with G-Nome Project; his final show took place on the holiday of Purim, March 24, 2016, in Jerusalem.[7][8] Shlomo Langer's first show with the band was an impromptu performance at a Yom HaAtzma'ut party in Jerusalem, and his first U.S. tour with the band was the Another One Bites the Crust Tour in the summer of 2016.

In June 2016, G-Nome Project was featured as an "On the Verge" artist by Relix magazine.[9]

In the Spring of 2017, G-Nome Project made their Canadian debut, performing at Gagetown, New Brunswick's 9th annual Folly Fest.[10]

In the winter of 2018, the band announced via their Facebook page that drummer Chemy Soibelman was leaving the band and being replaced by Jerusalem drummer Eli Schabes.[11]

Musical style[edit]

G-Nome Project plays livetronica, a fusion of jam band-style live improvisation with electronica. The band has dubbed its style "Grilled Cheese Funk" in reference to their initial lo-fi sound, which they felt as having the same sizzle and pop of the grilled cheese sandwiches being cooked at served at outdoor music festivals. The band is primarily influenced by Phish and Disco Biscuits, as well as the Israeli psychedelic trance scene and American funk, jazz, and classic rock.[12]


Current members
  • Shlomo Langer – guitar
  • Eyal Salomon – keyboards
  • Zechariah Reich – bass
  • Eli Schabes – drums
Past members

North American Tours[edit]






  • Animals: Evolved Tour[26]
  • 2018 Summer Tour[27]


  • "Onflict" (2014) [28]

Official Website[edit]

Official website


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