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GCconnex is the Government of Canada’s internal professional social networking platform. It is only accessible via the Government of Canada network and contributors must have a government email address to be able to register for it.[1] GCconnex enables public servants to connect and collaborate. It is a virtual network where public servants can network with other public servants with similar interests, or with skills that will help them be more productive in their work.[2]

GCconnex is an open source social networking tool which allows public servants to develop their own profiles, including descriptions of individual business activities, interests and expertise.

GCconnex is managed by the GCTools Team, which also manages GCpedia and GCcollab. The team is part of the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada.


GCconnex was established in January, 2009, with the objective of offering a variety of social media functions to federal employees within the Government of Canada. [3]

Overview of Usage Levels from January 23, 2017[edit]

  • 106,000 registered users
  • 3029 groups
  • 174 Federal Departments and Agencies


GCconnex is powered by Elgg, an open source social networking engine. As of February 2016, GCconnex was using version 1.12.

Features on GCconnex[edit]

GCconnex offers many features that emulate those of external social networking and collaboration sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive, Flickr, Reddit, and Messenger.

The Wire[edit]

A feature similar to Twitter where users can post text with the 140 character limit. Other users are able to 'like' or 'reply' to the comment.


Users can write an article that reflects upon their ideas or opinions based on a subject relevant to their work practices.


A feature used to share links from external or internal websites.


An instant-message function used to communicate in real time with another user.


Users can share ideas within a group, comment on them, and vote on whether they like them or not.

Groups and Subgroups[edit]

Allows the users to organize groups relevant to their work practices. It gives several options on the level of security of the group and the content to be displayed.

Files and Folders[edit]

Entire documents of various formats can be uploaded.

User Profiles[edit]

User profile pages allow for greater detail and to improve the ability of public servants to find colleagues with knowledge and experience to share.

GCconnex and Government Transformation[edit]

GCconnex was used extensively in the 2013-14 Blueprint 2020 consultations, with over 120 group discussions on a wide range of topics relating to renewing the federal public service in Canada.[4] It continues to be used as the virtual platform to support the renewal work known as Destination 2020.

See also[edit]

  • GCpedia is an internal wiki hosted by the Government of Canada.
  • GCcollab is an external social networking platform hosted by the Government of Canada.


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