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GEO5 Pile Group program
GEO5 Pile Group program
Developer(s) Fine spol. s r.o
Stable release
Edition 2017 / May 2017
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Croatian, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Italian, German
Type Geotechnical software
License Proprietary

GEO5 is a geotechnical software suite developed by Fine s.r.o. (Czech Republic). First programs were written by Jiri Laurin in 1989 in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU in Prague, the software is used in the field of geotechnical engineering to analyze slope stability[1], shoring excavations structures, retaining walls, foundations (piles, spread footing or mats) and tunnels.


The programs use a combination of analytical and finite element methods[2]. GEO5 programs can also create 3D stratigraphy model based on field tests, the calculation can be performed using many analysis theories and verification according to various standards – (e.g. safety factor, theory of limit states, Eurocodes, including various national annexes, US LRFD standards or other national standards)[3].


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