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GRIM (Groupe de recherche et d'improvisation musicales, roughly translated Group of Research and Musical Innovation), based in Marseille, France, is a non-profit institute for improvised music and experimental music. GRIM bases its activities at Montévidéo, a site of contemporary creation in Marseille.[1]

GRIM is a voluntary association (association loi de 1901) funded by the city of Marseille and focused on organising musical events. The organisation hosts concerts, workshops, lectures, artist in residence projects, recording sessions and has a multimedia public library with books and music related to avant garde music, experimental music, improvised music, sound art and contemporary music. GRIM was founded in 1978 by guitarist and composer Jean-Marc Montera. It also organises or co-organises the festivals Nuit d'Hiver, and Sonic Protest. GRIM has a recording studio, a library, and two concert halls, a small one and a big one.[2]

Educational activities[edit]

GRIM organises two types of education activities. The first is for all members of the public (children, professionals, music-lovers, etc.), who are trained by music professionals during a fixed period. The second is in the form of regular workshops directed by Jean-Marc Montera (Department of Musicology of the University of Provence).

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