GWR 4900 Class 5967 Bickmarsh Hall

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Bickmarsh Hall
5967 Bickmarsh Hall under restoration at Northampton & Lamport Railway
5967 Bickmarsh Hall under restoration at Northampton & Lamport Railway
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderGreat Western Railway, Swindon
Build dateMarch 1937
 • Whyte4-6-0
Gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Driver dia.6 ft 0 in (1.829 m)
Boiler pressure225 psi (1,550 kPa)
Performance figures
Tractive effort27,275 lbf (121,330 N)
OperatorsGreat Western Railway
Class4900 'Hall' Class
Official nameBickmarsh Hall
WithdrawnJune 1964
Dispositionpreserved, undergoing restoration
5967 in service on a parcels train at Wolvercote Junction.

The GWR 4900 Class locomotive No. 5967 Bickmarsh Hall was built at Swindon railway works, and was completed in March 1937. First allocated to Chester, in August 1950 it was allocated to Banbury, and then in March 1959 to Newton Abbot. Fitted with a boiler from a Modified Hall with 3 row superheater during its last overhaul at Swindon in 1961, it was then given its last allocation to Westbury.

Withdrawn in June 1964 it was sold to Woodham Brothers scrapyard in Barry, South Wales, where Bickmarsh Hall stayed until it was bought by the Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway; the locomotive left as the 187th departure from the scrapyard, in August 1987. Currently[when?] paired with 4,000-imperial-gallon (18,000 L; 4,800 US gal) Collett tender number 2910, it is preserved at the Northampton & Lamport Railway where it is undergoing a slow restoration.

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