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Gabriel Adolf Gustafson
Oseberg ship

Gabriel Adolf Gustafson (8 August 1853 – 16 April 1915) was a Swedish-Norwegian archaeologist. He was responsible for the excavation and conservation of the Oseberg Ship (Osebergfunnet) .[1][2]


Gabriel Gustafson was born in Visby, in Gotland County, Sweden. Gustafson studied at the Uppsala University earning a degree in Archaeology (1871), he was a professor at Uppsala University (1875–89). Gustafson was employed by the University of Bergen as a conservator from 1889 to 1900; in 1900, following the death of Oluf Rygh, he was appointed manager of the University Museum of National Antiquities at University of Kristiania, (now University of Oslo) and professor of archaeology.[3]

Gustafson is best known for his work, together with Haakon Shetelig, during 1904-05 on the Viking era Oseberg ship (Osebergskipet) near Tønsberg in Norway. He was awarded with the appointment of Knight of 1 Class of the Order of St. Olav in 1911.[4][5]


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