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Gaian may refer to:


  • Gaian, Gaiist, Gaia-som (male), Gaia-sa (female), or Gaia-se (two-or-neutral-gendered), an adherent of Gaianism
  • Gaian Greens, a branch of the Green movement whose tenets move them to austere environmentalism
  • a person who adopts Technogaianism, a slant on Gaianism that embraces a symbiosis between the emergence of modern technology and ancient terrestrial evolutionary biology
  • A follower of Gaia philosophy
  • A follower of New Age Gaian, an inclusive philosophy with various religious expressions


  • Gaian (demonym), demonyn commonly associated in science fiction with humans
  • a faction the player can choose to control in the computer game Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
  • a user of the popular forum Gaia Online or the Avatar character used to represent the user
  • House of Gaian, from the Anne Bishop Tir Alainn Trilogy

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