Gallos Blancos de Hermosillo

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Gallos Blancos de Hermosillo
Full name Gallos Blancos de Hermosillo
Nickname(s) Gallos Blancos
Founded 1995
Dissolved 1996
Ground Estadio Héroe de Nacozari
Hermosillo, México
Capacity 22,000
Chairman Alejandro Domínguez
League Primera División 'A'

The Hermosillo Gallos Blancos was a soccer team that played in the Primera Division 'A' between the 1995 to 1996. They played in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.


The origin of the club goes back to the 1994-95 season, when Querétaro was reborn after Tampico-Madero had problems with their stadium and changed its name to Tampico Madero Gallos Blancos to play the remaining 9 games of the season. At the end of the season the team would drop to Primera Division 'A', and this would lead to the origin of the club Hermosillo.

Entrepreneurs turned their gaze to new destinations with footballing future, so they decide to move the team of Querétaro to Hermosillo, city located at northwest Mexico and where at that time football was a virtually an unknown sport, the challenge was to create fans and become superior to sports like baseball and basketball dominating the region. The old team Tampico Madero Gallos Blancos would be called Gallos Blancos de Hermosillo, with Alejandro Dominguez as coach and owners at the time were the brothers Alverde.

They would play only one season in the city but achieved several successes including reaching the final of the 1995-96 season against Pachuca, which lose promotion to Primera Division Mexicana. The two meetings would be in favor of Pachuca with a score of 2-1, with an aggregate of 4-2.


The Gallos Blancos played their matches at the biggest stage of the capital city of the state of Sonora, the Estadio Héroe de Nacozari. The stadium holds 22,000 seats and has also hosted other football teams like hermosillense Coyotes de Sonora and Búhos de Hermosillo.


Runner-up Primera Division 'A' (1): 1995-96