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GameWorks is a chain of location-based entertainment venues featuring a wide array of video game arcades, in addition to full-service bars and restaurants. There are currently seven GameWorks venues throughout the U.S, with the re-opening of the chains' flagship store in Las Vegas, NV. The Las Vegas store is the first store in the chain with a dedicated eSports Arena, a devoted space for multi-player online computer gaming. eSports has now become an integral part of all new and developing locations in the chain.

The chain began as a joint venture between Sega and DreamWorks.[1] Steven Spielberg provided creative input before DreamWorks sold its portion in 2001.[2] The chain itself filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and 2010. On November 3, 2005, Sega Sammy Holdings, which was formed by the merger of Sega and Sammy, bought all of the controlling interests of GameWorks. In 2011, GameWorks was sold to an investment group named HNR Capital. In October 2011, GameWorks acquired the assets of several Jillian's Billiards Clubs in California, Washington, and Virginia.

In May 2017, Oomba agreed to acquire GameWorks.[3]


USA locations[edit]

East Coast

Former locations[edit]

International locations[edit]

In North America
Former locations
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Opened in 1999. Despite being a very successful location, constantly full, it was closed in 2003 due to disagreements with the local representative. They wanted to remove the restaurant, and only keep the 2 bars. The Brazilian company created its own arcade brand, called HotZone.)
  • Tumon, Guam (Closed in 2006)
  • Vienna, Austria (Opened in 2001, filed for bankruptcy around 2003)
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait (Opened in 2003, later called Gamewizz, closed in 2013)
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (At Mega Centro Mall, opened in a former McDonald's fast food, closed in 2015)

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